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    Change the drop system. We are not going to keep playing to a server where someone hits 100,000 damage to a boss and can take drop while the other hits 50.000.000 and he takes same drop as the one with 100.000. There is no point on fighting for boss like this so there is no point of fighting at all. We are spending 30 minutes hitting witch and killing the other players and the guy that did 10 hits still takes drop. I hope you can understand thats this is not enjoyable

    General Suggestions:

    25)Combine 100 fruit of life for a fruit of life 25k karma and 200 fruit of life for 50k karma so that perfection chests can get a bit more value.

    26)Show time of pm message

    27)Show level in global chat and on pm next to the name

    28)Choose rarity option on each item on shop search for example search only legendary items.

    29)Show the ammount of each item you pick up in chat. Now for example we get 2xmithril from a metinstones and it says just mithril.

    Customization Options:

    30)Skill color Customization is the number 1 favorite customization option of all metin players i have asked, so adding it would be perfect.

    31)More colors on shinings. Currently there is blue, red, yellow, orange,black, purple shinings. You could add and White,Green,Ciel,Pink red smoke and red spaklings.

    32)Freeze Karma option: Make an item so that when its active like the anti-exp ring it will keep your karma points frozen either its negative or possitive you wont be able to use zen beans or fruits of life while that item is active. Also you shouldnt get points every often like now cause you can never have the White-diabolic karma for more than 2 minutes.

    33)Make able to transmute skin with equipments and hairstyles from teacher npc with hair skins.

    34)Add more weapon / costume / hair skins more frequently. There are 4 weapon skins Currently and for example i dont like any dagger skin. There are tons of good skins and i suggest adding 2 set of skins every month available for limited time on item shop.

    FInally done writing :D hope the team likes many of those i find them very important for both gameplay and server economy and player's satisfaction.

    Hello community, im making for first and last time a huge post which will include everythink from my opinion that the server needs at this moment. This will be very time consuming i hope many of these will be done.

    Upp item problem

    1)Exchange 1500 Mithril => 1x Magic Stone
    (That's cause mithril should not lose more value its already too low.)
    2) Change the quanity of Agate,Moonstone,TItanium Dioxide that are required for rarity adder from 15=>3 each.
    (Thats cause the less it needs the higher the price on those 3 items will go and now its incredibly low and its not worth to buy 45 of those items which is 120kk arround in total cause rarity adder costs 40-50kk)
    3)Exchange 2x Sturdy cords + 2x Titanium Dioxide + 2x Moonstone + 2x Agate => 1x Tough Straps
    (Thats cause we need the same ammount of Sturdy cors and Tough straps for our items but we drop 5 Sturdy cords and 1 Tough strap at the same time farming.)
    4) Make Talisman's able to upgrade till +100. From +50 and more it will require 1+1 talisman each upgrade for example from +55 to +56 it will require 1+6 talismans, and from +99 to +100 it will require 1+49 talismans. It will also require 50kk each upgrade. In addition from +51 to +60 it will require and 1+1 padparadska, from +61 to +70 it will require 1+1 divine bloom, from +71 to +80 it will require 1+1 water stone, from +81 to +90 it will require 1+1 soul of truth and from +91 to +100 it will require 10+10 talisman splinters. On +100 you will be able to add Talisman Adder for 6/7 bonus which can get the same bonuses as normal 6/7 craftable with 100 talisman splinters. Also there will be talisman changers for 6/7 bonuses only for talisman which will be droppable only from ice witch and jotun x1
    (With this it will fix the proble of having too much 1)talisman chests, 2)padparadska's, 3) divine blooms, 4) water stones, 5) soul of truth, and also it will make us farm for something new. But by making this you should also add a bit more drop on jotun and ice witch and also make them harder to kill since we will have arround 10k more damage at +100 talisman

    5)Trade 3x Magic Stones + 10x Water Stones + 5x Flame stones + 5x Ice Flame stones => 1x Ritual Stone. (This will help with the too much ammount of 1)Water Stones, 2) Flame stones , 3) Ice flame stones, and for making sure that magic stone wont get cheap any time soon.

    World Bosses:

    6)Increase drop on Bangjanamu. (Since there are 4 bosses of that kind and we will fight for them so they need to drop something worth fighting for . There is a chance of course and now for magic stone but its to low there must be something more valuiable to spend time fighting for them. Same goes for ice witch where except from stones that are rare there is nothing else and many time she drops no worth items.
    7)Add the other New sashes on Jotun Thrum (There are currently 2 of the 10 i think sashes droppable from banjanamu. It having more will help on making the look of our characters better as many of us want color combination on all our items/skins)
    8)Make the horse skill usable again in fights but with longer cooldown of 10 seconds instead of 2. (Removing it completly it will make farmers unable to escape while hitting world bosses, but by making it longer cooldown will be the balanced option i think.)
    9)Fix drop possibility. At the moment dealing 10 or 15% of a bosse's health will grant you equal chances to drop items as someone who dealt 85% of its health. (This makes useless building your farmer tankier since you need for example 20-30 hits (10 seconds of hitting) to get possibly and the best drop.) So i suggest making the minimum damage at 30% of the bosse's health to be able to have chances to get drop.
    10)Make Magic stone 100% chance to be dropped from Ice witch and Jotun Thrum But based on Damage (top damage gets it) (Thats so it will be worth fighting for those bosses and also the better equiped player should be rewarded for that)
    11)To Reduce a bit the tankieness of pvm players i suggest to add a Negative bonus of -25% against bosses on Cromede, Kenga and Durion. (Cause right now i can solo most bosses with the pvp def items i have and its not right)
    12) Add Yang coupons 100% chance from world bosses 90lvl map's 2,5kk yang coupon, 105lvl map 5kk yang coupon and 115lvl map 10kk yang coupon each boss. (Thats so that you can earn a bit more value hunting those bosses that many times dont drop anything good. Its low ammount of yang but still it will make it would be nice having something small guaranteed.

    Equipment Pvm:

    13) Tourmaline Helmet and Tourmaline Shield its not worth making. They require way too much yang and you gain 4 block from helmetand a bit strong vs boss which is not very usefull since we can kill all bosses without it, and 4 resistance monster is also not usefull except from the arena of doom. i personally will never make any of them , so i suggest to add metinstones on them like 8 and 8% which it wont up much the damage but it will be more worth to upgrade

    Pvp/Open Fight

    14)I cant say much about it yet cause i dont have kyanite equipments but there are some problems i have already noticed. Heal even after the nerf is still very high at max int currently at 12k heal every 3 sec with max cd that will make healer on damage not able to die and teamfights last forever without anyone dying since heal can go to all members. I suggest making the cooldown of heal Longer to 6-7 sec with max cd which means from 10 to 20 seconds normally. Its more prefered for a healer to have it like that either than lower heal and 3 sec cd cause spamming heal in duel is not that enjoyable.
    15)Some players might stay all the time on horse spamming hits at teamfights. Sometimes this can cause you get stack and unable to move while the players is hitting you from horse or even get stuck to the wall. I suggest to give a -25% on each class bonus while on any mount to make it not worth hitting from there. But no - half human cause some bosses require that bonus.
    16)Reduce Dispell time. I said that and in previous post but for some chars is unplayable having dispell debuff all the time (Body warrior, Healer, Dragon shaman, Sura weapon, Sura bm) cause they lose all their unique advantages each character has. Therefore i suggest to remake the duration of dispell debiff to 12 seconds which is still long enough to have someone perma dispelled
    17)Pvp pet quests. You cant find 1000 sura, 1000 ninja's 1000 shamans , and 1000 warriors to kill for the pet. I Suggest either to lower the ammount to 300-500 or make each player you kill count differently for example 1-75lvl 1 point, 76-105 2 points, 106-120 3 points and to be able to kill the same person 5 instead of 3 times. And also to reduce the cooldown of being able to rekill the person to 12 hours. You still wont be able to kill your own chars or friend chars. Also on top of that it would be better for new players not to lose buffs if someone 30lvl+ kills them , Many might quit the server cause they are being hunted from all pvp players. They pay for buffs and lose them 2 minutes later that can be frustrating.

    Metinstones 115lvl

    18) There is not much difference between the 105lvl map metinstones and
    115lvl on yang making and the damage of the players does not change from 105 to 120lvl. I suggest you add a low chance of dropping a yang coupon of 2,5kk arround 15% on 120lvl metinstones.


    19)Make Nemere and Razador for 120lvl players able to go instantly to the boss room cause for that level its not really worth spending time for the run for the drop razadon and nemere has. Also this will make it more worth for players to not stay 115 and go 120lvl with their farmers.
    20)Simplify a bit the Dessert Catacomb since its much more time consuming than the jungle dungeon and the drops are almost the same now that both pets have the same value.

    General Problems:

    21) Players that fresh start the server will go to towns and they will see 4-5 players there and might think server is dead. So a good solution would be to show the online players in game and a description below with how many players are in each map and on each channel.
    22) Special inventories need 1-2 more pages room. cause for example the 2 last pages of mine are filles and with almost none duplicate stack of the same item. Also you could increase the stack limit to 500 or 1000
    23)Make Hostile option saved cause everytime you change ch or map they change to normal.
    24) Theowahdan has wrong translation on his options if you click on him at eng client

    Continue on next post

    I have an objection about dispell. Since everyone has arround 170-230 casting speed the cooldown of dispel will be 5-7 sec. So he can dispel 4-5 people before the first debuff ends. That's not very good. I think like it was before was perfect.

    PvP Changes Needed:
    1) Heal is 21k maybe more every 4 seconds and a full kyanite player deal 3-4k dmg it must go 5k
    2) Horse Skill has 2 seconds cooldown ( Horseback Slash) make it 10 seconds if a player is hitting you

    1)Add Tourmaline Helmet with magic/mellee attack so that it will increase a bit more tha damages, and after that the damages will be perfect many players with full kyanites+9 complain about low damages.

    2)A run like Meley would be nice that requires at least 4 people to be completed.

    1)Balrock: Remove : Agate,Moonstone,Titanium Dioxide from his drop we are full of them and they are not needed much their price is incredibly low for last upgrade pvm item. Add instead Orc-dungeon ticket since jungle is dropped from 90lvl map bosses but orc is not. Remove Sturdy Cords or add Tough Strap to his drop, cause sturdy cords price is 5 times lower than tough strap though you need the same ammount for the items. Make Switchers x1000 instead of 100 so that at least on worst drop you get 10kk value cause right now many times you get 0 yang
    2)Time to change channel if a monster has hitted you is 10 sec. It would be better if it is 5 seconds. Too much time wasted when bosses spawn.
    3)Make 1 good Metin farm spot on each map (for example bot left on tropical island ) with arround 10 metins near to each others and only mellee monsters at that arrea. It would be nice to contest for that spot and the strongest will keep the place. Cause there is still lack of fights we only go 2 times per 6 hours to fight for something.
    4)Make Able to trade 50x Christmas Balls + 1xAgate,Moonstone,Titanium Dioxide for 1 Unique holiday Chest. This will help with the unbalance between Christmas Balls and Snow Balls and with the low price on those 3 upgrade items.
    5)Tincture of heaven is pretty much useless since the day stones got a high success chance. 8 from 10 stones you will add without tinctures will succeed. I have an idea that will explain below about how to fix this.
    6)Ores: Most ores exept tourmaline have 0 price at the moment. I suggest to make a New Permanent Enchanted Ore that will give like 20% of the bonuses instead of 10, 10 and 20% it will give 15, 20, 25% of the item's bonuses and will require 200x each ore to make 1 and will have 50% chance to succeed. But you will be able to use TIncture of Heaven on it to make it also a bit more worth.
    7)Click problems: Many times propably after many teleport client bugs and you cant click half of the screen.
    8)Bots that farm from 1-90lvl metinstones should get lower yang. Since you cant ban them all at least make their profit much lower. Reduce the ammount of books to 1 from each metinstones. Reduce the switchers from 70lvl + metinstones. Reduce the clam drop chance. Reduce the Yang ammount of each metinstone.
    9)Poisonous Cloud deals way to low damage its arround 1,5k while my other skills deal 3-3,5 i think it should o arroud 2,5-3 since it has and high cooldown
    10)Make items in special inventories to be able to be shown in chat when using alt+left click
    11)Tourmaline Shield, Earrings and Fire Shoes need bonus change. The extra benefit they give is way to small compared to the yang it required to become +9. I suggest to add Strong against monsters in shield, Strong against metinstones in earrings, And change change to avoid arrow to 10% block at +9 since there is no monster with arrows after 105lvl map.
    12)Pvm Books: All books except from 3 are useless cause noone will ever use them since there is no need for example extra orc bonus, all bosses can die without it. Everyone uses attack value and yang or monster resistance there is no other option. i Suggest to either increse the number of bonuses you can add to pvm pet only from 2 to 3 or 4.
    13)When you open storage (Warehouse) you cant remove and add items with ctrl+ click it would be nice if we could.
    14)NEW: Add a new town for all kindoms which will have in center safezone and right next to it a small closed arena where you need to pay 5kk to enter. If you die you are removed from the arena and to reenter you must pay again 5kk. If you kill another player you earn 2,5kk yang. Required level 105lvl-120lvl. When someone enters the arena it will be shown as announcement in global chat so that other players can see. Players outside of the arena can watch the players fighting. I think we need something like this to increase the pvp action on the server.
    15)Items that are important for last items but there are too many on our inventories: Water stone, Flame stone, Ice flame stone, Titanium Dioxide, Moonstone, Agate, Dragon scales, Dragon claws. Armour design Helm. Low level item ores (Amethyst etc). Adding something that will require those would be good.
    16) Trying to use wedding ring after a trade will show symbols in chat
    17)2nd Floor jungle dungeon bug. If you die at the stage that says dont die you will skip the floor.
    18)Streampunk costumes have no name
    19)Increase drop change of stones in Ice witch. I have encountered many times that ice witch will drop 0 stones. Its not worth to fight 30 minutes for no yang.
    20)GM's. Many times i have sented messaged to ingame Gm and got no reply for and hour or more after multiple questions. Or i will receive message that are not grammatically right and the sentence will make no sense. Of course most do but for the 2-3 that dont i think they shouldnt stay as gm's. Even i spend more time than them helping the server why should they take the 1k coins.
    21)Since the pvp quest says to kill 1000 players which is very hard we must kill low lvl players all the time. At least make that if the player that kills you is 30lvl+ than you, you wont lose buffs.
    22)Make 1 item from each boss to be dropped based on damage. Its not right for someone to deal 100k damage at ice witch and take drop worth 1kkk and the other that deals 10kk dmg to take drop worth 50kk. By making 1 item with a decend price drop based only on damage will be more fair and the low players will still have chance to make drop. For example make the magic stone on witch 100% and be dropped only to the player that deals the most damage. Same at jotun thrum. Since its every 6 hours it wond affect the price of the magic stone and building strong pvm and pvp items will be more rewarding.