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    New upgrade for alchemy.

    (it is far fetched but groundbreaking so bear with me)

    The upgraded version of alchemy will be called ethereal (example: ethereal dragon ruby, maybe call it something else if you dont like it)

    and it will be upgradeable to +9 and have all the available bonuses.

    To not break the game only a few of the bonuses will further increase with the upgrade from +6 to +9 and scale less.

    for example: +12 str at +6, +15 str at +9, 15% double yang at +6, 15% double yang at +9 (or 20% if it doesnt break the game)

    To make the +9 upgrade possible new beans will be added working similar to how magic stones work. they will cost some beans + magic stones.

    If you have all ethereal dragon stones active, the hp/mob/metin bonus will be double and if you have all +9 will be triple (than it is now).

    Making those new dragon stones will be expensive and time consuming as they are end game.

    First you have to be at least level 105 to make and use them.

    Second, a new mechanic will be added named: alchemic mastery.

    It works like the pet system pets.

    You first use a book called alchemic knowledge(x) where x is the name of the dragon stone type (for example ruby)

    and it costs 10 legenday dragon alchemy +0 of the same type (10 leg. dragon ruby+0 to buy a ruby book)

    When you use this book you can start getting experience for each bonus corresponding to the type of book you used

    example: you need to kill 1000 metins for the metin bonus, drop 1000 items for the double item bonus

    but you need to have an alchemy with these bonuses activated.

    once you have all the bonuses of the same type of book you used maxed you can upgrade a dragon stone of that type.

    when you upgrade an alchemy you lose all that experience and start from begining to make another of the same type.

    It is endgame so it is supposed to be hard to make but it really isnt that much harded than pets, just costs more yang.

    Last, you can make them permanent by using time elixir(permanent) bought for a huge amount of cor draconis (maybe 5000) or something else.

    Add new upgrade for talisman.
    Elements talisman +0, max +9
    items needed for crafting it:

    all 6 types of talismans +50

    default bonuses:

    at +0: 1200 hp, +50% strong against elements, +50% defence against elements
    at +9: 2000 hp, +75% strong against elements, +50% defence against elements

    items needed for upgrade:

    +0 to +3 just yang, +4 to +9 talisman chests of each type and maybe some of the boss items that have the least use

    additional bonuses:

    6/7 talisman only bonuses that can be changed

    to add 6/7 you will need talisman rarity adder which costs 5 rarity adders each

    to change 6/7 you need talisman rarity changer which costs 50 talisman splinters each

    avvailable 6/7 bonuses:

    3-5% strong against half humans, 1-3% half human resist,3-5% strong against metin, 3-5% strong against boss, 1%-3% skill damage, 1%-3% average damage

    3-5% strong against monsters

    2000 hp is added so it has some pvp use

    some 6/7 pvp bonuses were added to assist in pvp as well

    it is an endgame pvm item so it is supposed to be expensive

    im not sure what "x element power +50%" means so if it doesnt mean strong against x element and defence against x element and it only means strong against x element,ignore "+50% defence against elements" and it will only have "+75% elements power"

    make it possible to re-join party within five minutes if you get kicked when in dungeon

    fix number of items in shop for example if you sell 5 pearls while the buyer sees the number five in shop, in the parenteses next to item name when you hover the cursor over it, it says (1)

    Fix Shaman attack on mount. 1 in each 4 attacks miss while hiting metin stones due to the attack animation of Shamans. They fixed that in another server by reducing the attack speed of Shamans and upgrading the attack damage by a little. Not a pressing matter but it would be nice to do that at some point.