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    The following suggestion can be seen either way, some may like it some might disagree.

    As a student who can play multiple hours everyday and surely more than the average player I've had a lot of IG conversations lately regarding the halloween (-quest) event. Overall it's pretty cool to have a daily quest which can later lead to good stuff/constumes BUT there's one big problem.

    There have been TWO quests which were needlessly way too hard for the average player that even I was struggeling with:

    - Kill 10 public bosses

    - Kill 10/5 (regarding on your level) dungeon bosses

    The first of those was almost impossible for the average player since most likely the bosses were camped by players which were way higher than most of their characters and therefor zoned them away. If we take a look at the time we see that a public boss respawns every 30 mins and is most likely highly contested. In case that you get every boss in one channel on this day would mean that you have to sit at the same spot for approximately 5 hour which is an insane high amount of time just to compete with other players.

    Then the second quest yesterday almost killed my nerves. As a lv 90 player I had the option to choose from a lot of bosses and only needed 5. Thats an okay number since I could farm them in ~1 hour (Dragon, Nemre, Razador, Halloweendungeon are all runs that are manageable in a short time). However I saw that people at lv 55-74 are bound to one single dungeon which is either the Orc Maze or the Ape Dungeon. That means less variety, way higher cost of time (cooldowns are between 45 min - 1 hour per run) AND you need to do them 10 times. Meaning: if you're only able to farm the ape dungeon just your dungeon cooldowns were around 10 hours which is just an abnormal amount of time. And no. Farming public bosses is still an absurd argument that is not valid since they're overfarmed on a regular day already and it's even worse on days where they are needed for the quest.

    So what do I wanna say? Give people another chance. The only thing you're doing here is to benefit those people which already have a big lead. You feed the mighty and punish the weak. I would like to suggest the following:

    • Extend the Halloween quest series by atleast one day


    • On sunday make the quest drop atleast two coins


    • Add quests that are possible for all kind of gamers not just those who have a lot of time like I do

    This would simply benefit the average gamer by giving them an actual chance to also get a costume for themself. Some could argue that most high players have a permanent costume already and can sell them to the low chars and therefor even the average player could get one however that would just lead to the following scenario: the higher players are able to cash in a lot of yang and get more powerful while the normal player falls behind again.

    However if you'd add another quest the higher players can just cash that one extra coin in for a halloween chest which doesn't have mad drops and therefor won't benefit as much as the normal people would.

    Sorry for the long suggestion/my broken english.

    kind regards ~ failer