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    this shop search is so annoying. Could you freakin take out that shit that makes you not able to switch pages faster??? Like god damn, looking thru 30 pages is now a pain in the ass bc that shit has like a 5 second wait. Idk why you implemented that but it's so crap. Also it would be good to sell back items to the shops for the same price you bought it.

    For shop search, I think it would be really good, when you search the lowest price item goes to the front, and the highest priced goes all the way to the end. I think it would give a better experience using the shop search. Such as looking for soul stones, people have the opportunity to always buy the cheapest, looking for high end eq or legendary eq, would be at the end so you don't have to look thru all the pages. Etc. I think it would give a better gameplay.