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    Dear Ekstasia Community,

    today we would like to take a short look back at our year 2019 since server start and see what has happened during this time, what we could learn and what our further plans are.

    As a whole,, the server launch went quite solidly and without any major problems. Of course there were some issues or inconveniences here and there, but we got them under control quite quickly, especially thanks to your constant feedback. Since then, we have been getting constructive feedback on what you want and how we can further develop the server, which allows us to build Ekstasia to your wishes and needs.

    Of course we have also learned from the issues that have occurred. First and foremost, we made the remark that in many places we can behave differently than we expected. For example, due to the relatively regular but somewhat longer patch cycles, we take enough time to thoroughly test the patches and plan the effects on the server. We also try to interact more and more closely with the community and expand our team accordingly, as we see that we get such good suggestions that help Ekstasia move forward. Though it's more important to say, that we are still improving more and more and are willing to change things regarding ourselves, if needed.

    The last and most important point of this rewind is the future of Ekstasia. We will continue to do our best and act in good conscience to keep up the positive development of Ekstasia. Your feedback is the most important for this, because only then we can see if an update has the desired effects, what you wish for and what we can improve. One of the biggest problems at the moment is the client performance (client lags, freezes and similar) as well as server lags and kicks. We are already working on major revisions of the code to fix these issues and improve the game. Of course this takes a lot of time and is not a task that is done overnight and we hope you will take this into consideration. Of course we are also working on further updates, which also offer content improvements of the game, because slowly but surely some players have already come very far with the current content, but of course they are far from being finished.

    We would also like to thank all supporters and players of the server, because you are the ones who make Ekstasia what it is. You are the community and together you are the core of the game that everything revolves around. Thank you for your continued support!

    We wish you a Happy New Year from the whole team.

    See you in 2020!

    Kind Regards



    we thank you very much for the effort you're making here.

    Just because we don't always answer doesn't mean we don't see your suggestions.

    We will pick out some suggested points from you today and put them on our ToDo. Of course you have to understand that we can't do everything the way you want it to because it either doesn't fit our ideas or we just find it inappropriate.

    Keep an eye on the next patch notes and continue with your great work, we will reward them =)



    Dear Players,

    have you already participated in our signature giveaway? We are currently giving away [5x 50€ Amazon.DE vouchers or 50€ Coins +20%] and additionally [10x 20€ Coins] to all who put our banner in their signature.

    It doesn't matter in which forum you do it! The forum only needs to have something to do with Metin2!

    At the draw [10x 20€ Coins] will be distributed to 10 random winners. The [5x 50€ Amazon vouchers or alternatively 50€ Coins + 20% bonus] will be distributed to the 5 most active people.


    Due to massive spam and some unconstructive criticism in server presentations from other servers, we decided to slightly modify the requirements for this giveaway. From now on it only depends on how many forums and other social media platforms you advertise for us. These include the following:

    • Metin2 forums (both German and international)
    • Facebook Groups & Pages
    • Instagram Pages
    • Discord Server (no servers from other P servers)
    • Skype status

    For all these platforms, which of course must have some relation to Metin2, you post an extra profile link or screenshot in the "#signatures" channel on our Discord server. You get 1 point for each social media platform post (e.g. 1 point per post in different Facebook groups, 1 point per post on different Instagram sites) and 1 point for each other platform / forum (e.g. 1 point for your Skype status, etc.).

    Example: You shared our banner in 3 different Metin2 forums in your signature and in a Facebook group, so you get 4 points.

    At the draw 5 random winners will be chosen.

    The more points you have, the higher your chance of winning.

    Then post all of your profile links from all forums in the "#signatures" channel here on our Discord.


    On the 30.10.2019 we will analyse all entries and announce the winners!

    Kind regards