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    A few patches ago you gave Sword Strike a bit more dmg which is fine, but a bit boring. Would be interesting if sword strike had an actual use. What if it slowed movement speed and/or attack speed for like 2 seconds and scaling up to 4 when it's P, so 2 seconds at Master, 3 at GM 4 at P or just flat amount when it's P. I think it's acceptable without being overpowered , so he has time to land his combo without missing everything since the server has high movement speed from server bonus movement speed to all,haste stone+5,certain character abilities that give more movement speed which makes a slow melee character that has very long skill animations feel very bad. Would make Mental Warrior feel useful since sword strike feels like a boring useless mid range skill that does low dmg.

    Make Strong Body give something else, idk if it's even worth making it P without punishing yourself. Berserk used to give damage penalty but it's removed. So you can make it P without the damage penalty.Not sure how pierce works on this server so i apologize if i'm wrong but i remember people making G1-G2 Strong Body and be done with it, so you won't take more damage from pierce . Everyone has defense, its pretty much a useless stat after lvl 50 when you get the perm dew that gives you basically G1 strong body. Since mentals are supposed to be Frontline characters maybe give Strong Body some kind of resistance (crit-pen, avg-skill) and make it scaling so it has value and a reason to make it P. Its' only use at the moment is when you make it G you can't be knocked down.

    Sword orb is slow af, low damage and easy to miss. Comparing to other skills it's by far the worst. Maybe increasing range would help so he wont miss it so often

    Shamans cure is op when you are in an group. Don't know if that's intended but she heals everyone in the group(?) Haven't tried in a big group but i assume it heals everyone and since i have a shaman i thought i should mention it. Prob should nerf it's cooldown by 2-3 seconds if you don't want to remove that interaction.

    Reduce BMs dark protection damage reduction. In compensation maybe slightly increase his damage.

    Make Ninja while stealthed not visible on the minimap. Nice Quality Of Life change. Would be fun to actually be invisible and maybe sneak up on someone!:S

    But make it so when you stealth it doesn't go on cooldown until its duration is over

    Happy new year :saint: