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    because the #suggestions channel on our discord gets quite chaotic pretty fast, we will move them here.

    The following rules apply to suggestions for improvement:

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    We always try our best to make Ekstasia as player-friendly as possible. In order to be able to realize this even better, the participation of our community is required.

    Without specific suggestions, we can't make harmonized changes. For this reason we rely on your cooperation!

    Thanks a lot to all of you who are always committed to improving the concept and actively contribute suggestions for improvement!

    Kind regards


  • Here are some suggestion and changes that i think would be nice to have on the server:

    1)Binding ring (which will bind 2 players with each other and they can teleport to one another even if they are both male or both female chars)
    2)PVP map would be a nice addition a small area where we cant ride horses so that we can enjoy fights or even do duels there without lag and monsters arround us
    3)List of the players with the Highest damages on Bosses and metins would be nice to keep up the competition
    4)Metinsstones 95lvl+ would be exciting if they had 0,5 or 1% chance to drop an ticket which will allow you to enter a dungeon immediatly teleporting you on the boss. (Only nemere, razador and orc dungeon)
    5)Make pets/mounts transparent so that we can walk withing them cause right now they block us from fighting and duelling properly.

    6)Horse Skill. This skill which has a cooldown of 2 sec is really annoying. First cause its buggy and you see the other players going through walls while they might already be next to you and secondly cause its can make some players play fights only from horse for example a weapon sura pvp on the horse wont die and he will always be able to escape with that skill. This will result on boring fights and players might lose the will to do fights. I suggest you increase the cooldown of that skill to 15 seconds. Also to give a -100 or 200% half human bonus while on horse or mount so that players wont deal huge ammount of damages with hits on mounts.
    7)Spam kill. To avoid spam kill it would be nice if for the first second after you respawn you would be immune to all damage.
    8)Add spirit stones+4 drop from 95lvl metinstones + (it might have but at drop info it doesnt show also on 85 90 lvl metinstones it doesnt show)

    9)Make impossible to ride a mount if your skill animation (except buffs) is not completed otherwise archers with haste+5 their movement speed buff and heal speed buff will be impossible to be reached.
    10)Since players can have enormous movement speed it would be nice if all single target skills (maybe except archers which he already has big range) could have increased range.
    11)Pvp Soul must be added and somewhere else 2 players per week having it while we are 10.000 players is not enough in my opinion

  • - make fix spawn for bosses, 90 map xx:00 and xx:30 and on normal maps maybe xx:20 xx:40 xx:00, right now the one who kills it benefits alone from it because he knows the exact spawntime

    - more monsters in grotto 2

    - thief gloves 1h duration instead of 30 mins

    - make potion of wisdom craftable out of exp rings

    - make dispel only work on chars lower than the lvl of the sura

  • 95lvl Metins Needs the following changes:
    1)Clam 100% drop chance
    2)Switchers from 25>65 (Since 90lvl metins have /3 hp and 20 switchers each)
    3)The metin in self should give arround 100k more to be worth in comparisson with the 90lvl metinstones
    4)More items should be dropped (weapons etc) arround 3 times more than 90lvl metinstones now its the same.

  • For shop search, I think it would be really good, when you search the lowest price item goes to the front, and the highest priced goes all the way to the end. I think it would give a better experience using the shop search. Such as looking for soul stones, people have the opportunity to always buy the cheapest, looking for high end eq or legendary eq, would be at the end so you don't have to look thru all the pages. Etc. I think it would give a better gameplay.

  • 1. remove all weapons like magnetic sword,nymph and all other items no one will ever use ( add them to shop for 100 yang if u really want them in game )


    3. make talisman stronger max level 10 and make it drop once in 50 runs( Whats the point in dropping a talisman every run if u cant upgrade it ? )

    4. make 90 map boses spawn 3 hours rule and stronger so you cant kill one alone cuz its worthless if u can kill it alone

    5. drop the number of metins in the 90 map cuz the drop it's to better and there is no competition everyone can break his own stone

    6. remove the magic resistance working against mobs atack ( wtf is this ?? )

  • The following suggestion can be seen either way, some may like it some might disagree.

    As a student who can play multiple hours everyday and surely more than the average player I've had a lot of IG conversations lately regarding the halloween (-quest) event. Overall it's pretty cool to have a daily quest which can later lead to good stuff/constumes BUT there's one big problem.

    There have been TWO quests which were needlessly way too hard for the average player that even I was struggeling with:

    - Kill 10 public bosses

    - Kill 10/5 (regarding on your level) dungeon bosses

    The first of those was almost impossible for the average player since most likely the bosses were camped by players which were way higher than most of their characters and therefor zoned them away. If we take a look at the time we see that a public boss respawns every 30 mins and is most likely highly contested. In case that you get every boss in one channel on this day would mean that you have to sit at the same spot for approximately 5 hour which is an insane high amount of time just to compete with other players.

    Then the second quest yesterday almost killed my nerves. As a lv 90 player I had the option to choose from a lot of bosses and only needed 5. Thats an okay number since I could farm them in ~1 hour (Dragon, Nemre, Razador, Halloweendungeon are all runs that are manageable in a short time). However I saw that people at lv 55-74 are bound to one single dungeon which is either the Orc Maze or the Ape Dungeon. That means less variety, way higher cost of time (cooldowns are between 45 min - 1 hour per run) AND you need to do them 10 times. Meaning: if you're only able to farm the ape dungeon just your dungeon cooldowns were around 10 hours which is just an abnormal amount of time. And no. Farming public bosses is still an absurd argument that is not valid since they're overfarmed on a regular day already and it's even worse on days where they are needed for the quest.

    So what do I wanna say? Give people another chance. The only thing you're doing here is to benefit those people which already have a big lead. You feed the mighty and punish the weak. I would like to suggest the following:

    • Extend the Halloween quest series by atleast one day


    • On sunday make the quest drop atleast two coins


    • Add quests that are possible for all kind of gamers not just those who have a lot of time like I do

    This would simply benefit the average gamer by giving them an actual chance to also get a costume for themself. Some could argue that most high players have a permanent costume already and can sell them to the low chars and therefor even the average player could get one however that would just lead to the following scenario: the higher players are able to cash in a lot of yang and get more powerful while the normal player falls behind again.

    However if you'd add another quest the higher players can just cash that one extra coin in for a halloween chest which doesn't have mad drops and therefor won't benefit as much as the normal people would.

    Sorry for the long suggestion/my broken english.

    kind regards ~ failer

  • 1)Body warrior vs Sura weapon on pvm. They deal the same damage there is no point of making body warrior now. Since sura is tank warrior should have the most damage so i suggesto to make Aura of the sword give an additional Monster % bonus 1-20% (20% at perfect). This way you can either choose warrior for damage but easy to die or Sura for tank.
    2)Decrease the pets number of kills that they require to go full bonus. Its extremely high and you almost have no bonus while you farm it. I would suggest to make them give a 15% monster 15% metin 15% boss at the beggining and kill 100.000 monsters, break 3500 metinstones 95lvl+ and kill 200 bosses only those in dungeons
    3)95lvl metins+ most be more valued on every aspect comparing 90lvl metinstones.
    1)Change Clam from 1>2 drop
    2)Herb Of life 5>7
    3)Switchers are still 25 even though on patchnote said it was increased It should go 50-60
    4)Add 55lvl and 51lvl shoes as drop

  • - 105er map

    -Mithril drop von 2 auf 5 erhöhen

    -Dungeon Splinter schwer drop von 1 auf 2 erhöhen

    -Switcher drop von 30 auf 45-50 erhöhen

    -Drop von Grünen Drachenbohnen erhöhen

    -Schwere Gurte als beim Balrog Boss einfügen
    -Magische Steine als beim Balrog Boss einfügen

    -Bosse in die Tropische Wald map einfügen

    -Geiststeine in die Metin drops einfügen mit höherer dropchance

    -Exos und Konzis in die Metin drops einfügen

    -EXP auf den beiden 105er maps anheben (es ist derzeit unmöglich auf 105+ zu leveln)

    -90er map
    -Geiststeine in die Metin drops einfügen

    -Exos und Konzis in die Metin drops einfügen

    -Bossrespawn auf eine feste zeit setzen

    -Switcher drop von 25 auf 35-40 erhöhen

    -Drop von Grünen Drachenbohnen erhöhen

    -Razador und Nemere

    -Flammen und Eisflammenstein drop erhöhen

    -Drop von Roten Drachen Horn und Schuppen stark erhöhen

    -105er Dungeon

    -Wasserstein drop erhöhen

    -Allgemeint dropt zu wenig loot für den Zeitaufwand


    -sie sollte min 4-8 +5er Steine droppen

    -Von jeder Perle minimum eine

    -Min ein Magischen Stein


    -in Map2 den Rangpunkteshop und Seon-Pyeong

    -angesehen Shops farbig makieren damit sie unterschieden werden

    -Uppverfahren von Talismanen verändern z.b die bunten Anhäger entfernen ( z.b alle anhänger zu einem machen)

    -Preis für den 30 Tage offline Shop senken

    -Preis vom entfernen von bonis aus Schulterbändern senken z.b 100kk

    -Option alles auf einmal auf deinem Shop zu entfernen

    -Option einfügen um dein Kostüme für alle auszublenden

    - +4er Steine beim Schmied auf auf +5 uppen ( z.b Rassensteine 40kk 33% uppchance | Todesstoß, Durchbruch, Außweichen, Monster 100kk 25% uppchance

    -Trank der Weißheit mit 30 min - EXP Ringen eintauschbar machen (60stk)

    - Petsystem PvM pet Metin kills von 7500 auf 5000 setzten

    -Meleys Hort einfügen

    -Tempel von Ochao und Verwunschenen Wald einfügen

    -aus Truhen Rarity items droppen lassen

    -Spieler Blockieren

    -Gildenzeichen sind Verbuggt

    -Kick beim benutzen von Kurieren

    -ein System einbauen zum eintauschen von Material z.b 1000 Mithril für 1 Wasserstein

    -Schnee Skybox

    -wiedereintreten funtion für Dungeon bei Crashes und Disconnects


    - 54er Schmuck und 61er Schilder immer mit Rarity droppen lassen

    - 3-5 Sekunden respawn schutz

    -Magma Drache fehlt Stark gegen Bosse wie in der vorstellung gezeigt, die lauftzeit vom Mount von 7 Tagen auf 14 Tage setzten


    -mit dem Magma Drachen wird mann beim laufen zurück Teleportiert

    -90er map Uppitems aus dem Loottable entfernen

    -Kyanit uppitems hinzufügen

    -50kk TP pro Worldboss hinzufügen

    Ideen von mehreren Spielen


    Unmatched, Harrald, Horo, Jugger, Relict, ExitPvP, DerBrudolf, Tanjiro, xToxicatioNx

  • Fix Shaman attack on mount. 1 in each 4 attacks miss while hiting metin stones due to the attack animation of Shamans. They fixed that in another server by reducing the attack speed of Shamans and upgrading the attack damage by a little. Not a pressing matter but it would be nice to do that at some point.