[COLLECTION] Improvement Suggestions

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  • make it possible to re-join party within five minutes if you get kicked when in dungeon

    fix number of items in shop for example if you sell 5 pearls while the buyer sees the number five in shop, in the parenteses next to item name when you hover the cursor over it, it says (1)

  • 1)Customization options. We don't have many options to change the looks of our character almost everyone look alike and that's basically cause we can't hide costumes. So I suggest to make each skin part hide individually, and also to put all the current skins available as a skin projection so that we can put for example the Azrael's helmet on a permanent helmet we have to look like it. You can put those skins that are only for transmutation on item shop. Also another very likeable from many players Customization option is the color skill system. It would be nice to have that at this time. For addition, mount skins could be also added since there is only 1 permanent mount.

    2)Penetration hit would be better to have a different colour and also critical+penetration a different colour.

    3) Remove magic stone +5 from the ice witch or change its stats.

    4) There are 2 more bosses left in gkaoutama that don't have drop.

    5) Remake leadership bonuses cause most now are useless. My suggestion is : 1) Attack value like now being able to use it on 2 team members.

    2) Hp like now

    3) 20 movement speed (for archers healers would be nice)

    4) 5% strong against boss ( for the one that will tank world bosses)

    5) Attack speed like now

    6) 5% poison resistance

    7) Immune against slowing.

    I think those bonuses could be more useful on fights. But even if you don't like the idea change the current : Skill duration buff since it only benefits Sura weapon by making the dispel's duration 5 times longer.

    6)Lower the amount of switch box on 5-90 lvl metinstones cause that level range is where the most bots are.

    7) Make able to search on shop system a certain level of an item for example a crow steel bow +9 only.

    8) Pets and mount create a problem in fights cause we can't pass through them and the block us. Please make us able to pass through them.

    9) Metinstones 105lvl map: I just entered that map and I see I get less Yang value from each metinstone than the 90lvl map metinstones. That's cause mithril's price is at 50k each while for example ruby ornament is at 500k each. Also it doesn't drop energy fragments. And the Yang is arround 700k per Metin from the mobs while in 90 lvl map with double yang we were also taking 700k from the metinstone. I suggest to add Yang drop and from the metinstone itself on the 105lvl map arround 500k.

    10) Add option to show every possible drop from dungeon chest like a box preview cause now with all the changes we don't know what it drops.

    11) After 105lvl where we max all skills make the raise skill button disappear from the right bottom of the screen.

    12) Make sash crafting to require upitems from material chests instead of pearls and Yang. Cause now it's not worth to craft them

    13) Add a 4th bonus for Hairstyle on itemshop that will give 5% monster so that we can have a permanent hair and add that bonus on it ( same price as cobra hairstyle) so that we are not forced to have the looks of cobra hairstyle if we want 5 monster

    14) Balrock : so this boss right now it's not very worth going. That's because it almost never drop the good upitems and the chances for the boss tickets are also very low. It spawns every 2 hours so it should have even better chances that the beta map bosses that spawn everyhour. So I suggest to increase the chances to drop the upitems and the boss tickets, and also to change the chest to drop better items than the chest of darkness since its way harder. Also make the cor rare drop 100% chance and the amount from 5 to 10. Keep in mind that we can kill 1-2 each and propably only 1 in the next days when more lvl up to 105 so he must be more worth than what it is now.

    15) Add 4 bosses and on tropical island cause Balrock won't be enough for all the 105lvl players in a few days.

    16) Metinstones quest from pet require any Metin no matter the lvl to be completed. I suggest to make the lvl difference +- 15 so that 105 lvl players don't go and destroy all the low lvl metinstones in 30 sec which leads new players not able to find metinstones to farm.

    17) Some bosses on 90lvl maps don't spawn sometimes on some channel everything is random . It's rare occasion but check it out if you can.

    18) Another Customization option is the color of the karma. Negative karma colors might be liked by some players so it would be nice if you disable Hostile option in game options so that no player from the same kingdom can target them.

    19) It would be nice if we had more options in skybox except day and night.

    20) remove lilac and bellflower from the game since they have no use.

    21) Increase the talisman splinter of ice witch since its every 6 hours it shouldn't have many items that are not worth much. Also the sash would be better to be 5% than 1%

  • Option, um Kostüme ein- und auszublenden

    Hitbox von den 105er Map Monstern und Jungle Dungeon verkleinern

    Shinings überarbeiten - Blauer Blitz, Roter Blitz, Eisige Seele etc. (sieht man kaum?)

  • - Be able to submit more biologist quest items than required, would be great to transmit like 50 ice marbles at once instead of the actual cap.

    - Shop Sell Log would be a nice feature

    - Dont loose buffs against PvP Players that are more than X level above yours

    - Possibility to refresh the offline shop timer for some yang

  • Code
    1. Hi,
    2. I think this should be done to increase the drop rate, because we are too dependent on luck on the server, we should also add a way to make money, I'm 103 years old and I rely on the luck for me stuff. Increase the rate of drop yang on metin 105 (map 90) and map 105. 1kkyang/metin stone ---> 7kk ( map 105 ) 250kk/metin stone ----> 3kk5
    3. Please...
  • 1)Alchemy icon bot right make it glow like an active item when we have them activated so that we don't forget them by mistake.

    2) Fix text after trade when you try to teleport

    3) Make drop based on damage dealt. Best items to the top dmg not everything random.

    4)Please check the previous 5-6 days suggestions some are really important for the server.

  • Hello.

    1) Leadership : It work's in dungeon's but make it to work outside of the dungeon if the other player is offline or in different map, because we are losing almost 1k damage in metins or maybe more.

    2) Implement a new option to teleport ring. Put all the npc's in that option ( Cape Dragon Fire npc's as well)

    3) Maybe add another + to Illumined Oneiric Soul ( most player's have maxed it , it can be like 50 herbs of each and add 25 value and +5 to other bonuses or something like that)

    4) Add more bonuses for talisman (PVM)

    5)Find a way to make marriage items perma (50kk-150kk price range or less not sure )

    6) Buff Magma Stallion or implement another mount

    7) Remove Dragon God Life , God Defence , Critical Strike ,dews ,etc, from 90 lvl dungeons and up.

    8) Add an option to npc alchemist. Exchange X amount of cor rough for X amount of legendary cor.

    9) Implement Gaya System to the server.. Add Gaya shop, in there add weapon costume's , mount's , pet's , ring's for X day's. Maybe add some cosmetic stuff there or other random stuff that are usefull of course. 90 lvl + dungeon's should drop Gaya.