[COLLECTION] Improvement Suggestions

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  • O que outras pessoas estão

    Dicas da guilda overTime

    Boa tarde a toda a comunidade.

    Como todos os jogadores visualizam o número de jogadores no servidor que diminui dia a dia, a economia de servidores está estagnada, então achamos que seria bom sugerir algumas mudanças para o servidor.

    - Colocar pedras espíritas nos intervalos de +0 a +4 como determinadas, para poder vender e ter mais yang no servidor, revitalizando a economia.

    - coloque o barbeador, o mascote, o macaco, como o animal de estimação do sistema Pet, e o sistema normal de animais de estimação e passe o hameroon e os restantes animais de estimação do sistema de animais de estimação que atualmente têm apenas caído no mundo e nas duas últimas masmorras, criando mais comércio no servidor e até o mesmo na loja de itens

    ou você, que queria animais de estimação com 5 extras, como o hameroon ou usava os últimos masmorras, que não, sempre teve os animais encontrados acima.

    - Coloque a mesma experiência que os monstros Grute do exílio 2 nos mais de 90 mapas e solte armas de 75 lvl no grute of exile 2, simplificando todos os mapas, já que para colocar o char no nível 105 hoje, você só pode chegar a Caverna 2

    e a única sala na sala 21, que acaba sendo ridícula.

    - Defina o chefe do mundo como zona de segurança, para que todos os jogadores possam fazer o chefe

    - coloque como +5 pedras em artesanato

    - aumentar o tempo de compra de itens em geral, este servidor tem uma loja de itens mais cara que eu já vi. e todo mundo sabe que a venda de itens para outros jogadores revitaliza a economia de servidores, porque essa economia está morta

    - mude o sistema de talismãs "para poder colocar bônus nos talismãs do lvl 1"


  • OverTime guild hints

    Good afternoon to the whole community.

    As all players have seen the number of players on the server has been decreasing from day to day, the server economy is stagnant, so we thought it would be good to suggest some changes for the good of the server.

    Put spiritist stones in the metimes from +0 to +4 as defined drop, in order to be able to sell and have more yang in the server, thus revitalizing the economy.

    Place the razador, nemere, monkey pets as Pet system pet,ae the normal pet system and pass the hameroon and the remaining pet system pets we currently have only drop in the worldboss and in the last two dungeons, thus creating more trade on the server and even on the item shop
    ie who wanted pets with 5 extras as the hameroon bought or do the last dungeons, who did not , always had the pets mentioned above.

    Place the same experience as the Grute off exile 2 monsters on the 90+ maps and drop of 75 lvl weapons into grute of exile 2, thus streamlining all the maps, since to put the char at level 105 today, you can only get to Cave 2
    and the only room in the room is room 21 which turns out to be ridiculous.

    Set the world boss as safezone, so that all players can make the boss

    Put the +5 stones in craft

    Increase the item shop time in general, this server has the most expensive item shop I have ever seen. and everyone knows that selling itemshop to other players revitalizes the server economy, because this economy is dead

    Change the talisman system to be able to put bonuses on talismans from lvl 1

    Best Regards, OverTime Guild.

  • -rework voting (vllt vote4bonus, z.b. hp, mob or exp für 12h)
    -Energiesplitter-Truhe einfügen
    - ZA sollte auch Movement- bzw Castingspeed Buffs aufheben
    - Ninja bekommt oft kick am Ende von Runs, wenn er mit Bogen auf den Boss schießt
    - RW sollte nicht mehr von 105ern farmbar sein. Höchstens lvl 100
    - Drachenbohnen droppchance oder Uppchance von Alchi-Steinen minimal erhöhen
    - Buffs sollten nach einem Duell auch zurückkommen
    - PvM EQ buffen, da es sich sonst einfach nicht lohnt, 65er EQ weiterzuuppen

  • If i recall corectly dispell duration was at 15 seconds at the beggining of the server. Now its 35 seconds so propably someone (sura or ninja) suggested to increase the duration. Here is the explanation why it should decrease and not increase : Dispel is the most annoying skill in the metin2 game for every character except ninja that doesnt really gets affected by it. So he instantly creates a huge difference in power between sura weapon and any character. And my question is why should dispel debuff last so long? (I play sura and ninja btw so for me its ok, the suggestion is only to make the server more enjoyable for everyone.) Right now dispel with Skill duration buff from leadership is at 96 seconds. For 96 seconds you are unable to fight at wars/fights cause you Lose 1) 20% magic resistance, 2) 120 attack value, 3) 20% crit, 4) 20% penetration, 5) 60%+ blessing 7) 60% more critical,(the only 2 buffs that make shamans usefull) 8) Aura of the sword (main damage source on warrior) 9) Enchanted Blade (main dmg source of sura ) 10) Dark Protection ( the only thing that makes bm usefull in teamfights) 11) Movement speed buff ( that makes healer and archer vulnurable) So basically all the players that are affected by dispel are not enjoying their char on fights except ninja dagger and mental warrior. So im asking why should it be this way? Cause on the official its like this it doesnt mean its good. We need to enjoy our characters everywhere. And yes sura weapon can still win everyone even if they are not debuffed. So here is my suggestion: 1) Make it not to remove dews. This will create huge unbalance in magic char's damage while they will have balanced damage to a players with full mr and on a dispelled char he can deal huge ammounts that will eliminate them instantly. 2) Reduce the duration of dispel's debuff to 6 seconds ( as long as its cooldown). That will make dispel balanced. Here is why: So in fights the team must communicate or pay attention to use the dispel correctly by focusing the one they want to kill first and in those 6 seconds that he will be dispelled they must focus him. So its more than enough to be usefull and he can always recast it before the debuff ends to redebuff him. And on Duel he must have to use the spell every 6 seconds like everychar that uses all his skills not just once in the beggining like now. So basically he can still perma dispel him but he will have to reuse it as it should be. So if im saying something wrong please explain to me why the dispel should stay as it is. I hope you really take a look here cause right now fights are really annoying and for me not that much but for everyone else.

  • -Mehr Kostüme in den Itemshop einfügen (regt vllt Spieler an zu spenden und mehr Individualität aufm Server, was heutzutage in Metin schon wichtig ist)

    Beispiel für Umsetzung: jeden Mittwoch werden neue Sets von Kostümen reinkommen und diese bleiben dann eine Woche erhältlich

    -Mount Projektion

    -Magischer Stein mit Rangpunkten kaufbar machen (100k Rangpunkte?)

    -Stein der Vitalität+5 buffen (gibt aktuell nur 500TP mehr als der +4er, wäre dafür dass der ca 3k bis 3,5k TP gibt, sodass auch ein wesentlicher Unterschied vorhanden ist)

  • Fix the Jungle Dungeon !! Too much lag and sometimes still disconnects , i do not know the reason , find it !! Every day me and my clan, we lose time in order to complete that dungeon . Fix it as soon as possible , many people complain about that.



  • 1. Drop items like: herbs of life,energy fragments,upp-items,Dungeon-Splinters to stack more than 250.

    2. Metins 90+ Level to give more experience.

    3. Make Wings to have bonuses ( Not something very powerfull but at least something ).
    Implement Archer's Quiver

    5. When you die at Dungeons to spawn with full HP ( Only at Dungeons ).

    6. Fix the lag on the Server. A lot of people have problems .

    7. Make Alchemy-Shop so we can exchange Cor-draconis ( Rough ). Example : 100 Cor-Rough = 1 Random Legendary Cor.

    8. Permanent Alchemy. For example : 2k Cor Draconis = 1 Elixir of Time Permanent.
    9. Mount like pets Hameroon ( For pvm Only ).

    10. At Search-Shop put the name of the Seller and a Message so we can Click on it to pm him.
    11. Rarity-Changers. ( For sure hard to make or ''drop'' ?? I Dont know xD )

    12. Make more options on Switch-bot so we can change 1 item with 2-3 different Bonus.
    13. Remove Defencive-Bonus from skins ( sword def , two-hand, etc.) Maybe its better to put half-human ress.
    14. perma-ores to be 100% inserted.

    15. Put Weapon-skins with days to Dungeons.

    16. 105 lvl metins+ to drop Energy-Fragments.

    17. Remove the pearls from the sash-crafting.( Sash 1% sold 10-15kk so its uselles from someone to spend pearls to craft sash)

    18. Craft for stones+5 ( hard but still an option for those who they cant go to Ice-Witch)

    19. Remove the Coolodown when you change character.

    20. Make possible to equip your equipment-alchemy etc. while you are moving-hitting

    21. Put a clan-Dungeon ( hard to do. not for abuse)