[COLLECTION] Improvement Suggestions

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  • #1 - as low lvl players have restriction for maps, that should be for high lvl players, at 60 lvl in Forest Phantom lvl 90 players at bosses, they kill low players in seconds.

    #2 - There is Snakefield, a map without nothing, if you put some metine stones between 50-70 lvl should be great, and 1/2 bosses to make more maps to farm, i think should be ok this.

    #3 - i have so much upp items and for most of them no use, i think sould be added to craft, or upp other items because they have no values now.

    (Instead of so much red/green pandant we could use 100 frog tongue or some other up - ex: lvl 3 talisman 1 pandant x 50 frog tongue.

    (if server have a healty market people will play, but if only some items have value server will die slowly)

    #4 - a system to hide weapon skin, armour, sash and wings, not everyone wanna see sash or wings, or costumes.

  • - Gildenlogos funktionieren nicht.

    - Shopsuche geht die Suchfunktion nicht.

    Reich, Level, Channel, Gilde und Status eines Spielers in der PN anzeigen.

    - Spielerteleportation via PN oder ähnlichem.

    - Buffs ab 60% andere Farbe.

    - Skill-Farbe individuell gestalten mit einem Farb-Mixer.

    -Mount und Pet-Skins.

    - 90er Map Metins Switcher erhöhen, Dungeon-Splitterdropp erhöhen und Truhendropp und Fertigkeitsbücher einfügen.

    - Feste Spawnzeiten von Bossen.

    - Führung auf P soll Stark ggn Monster oder für PvP Stark ggn Halbmenschen geben.

    - Daily Quests einfügen mit Belohnungen. (Als Belohnung wird z.B die Laufzeit deines Reittiers oder Pets um 1 Tag verlängert).

    - Switchbot Optionen einfügen z.B wenn man 50dss switchen will aber auch gleichzeitig 20 Fks haben will.

    - Stackanzahl von 250 auf 2000 erhöhen, so spart man mehr Platz und es ist übersichtlicher.

    - Offlineshop sollte man auch außerhalb Map1 öffnen und Items rein und raustun können.

    - Neues Gildensystem von Metin2.DE implementieren.

    - Eine kleines Fenster mit Benachrichtigung wenn einer aus der Freundesliste oder ein GM online kommt. (Deaktivier/Aktivierbar)

  • this shop search is so annoying. Could you freakin take out that shit that makes you not able to switch pages faster??? Like god damn, looking thru 30 pages is now a pain in the ass bc that shit has like a 5 second wait. Idk why you implemented that but it's so crap. Also it would be good to sell back items to the shops for the same price you bought it.

  • 1) I cant read German so i might write again the same suggestions make it english only if you can
    2) Elixir Of time make them require Something except cors since we need them and the ammount it needs is huge. Or reduce it to 20 cors per elixir.
    3) Make World bosses have 95% poison resistance right the one who wants to take the drop even if he is pvp
    4) Fix King Wubba dmg
    5) Metin of Retribution on Azrael make the monsters that come out of it disappeare when the stone breaks

  • man sollte den offline shop direkt wieder aufmachen können für 250k statt alles raus zu nehmen, nen bündel zu kaufen und alles wieder rein zu stellen

    und den drop auf der 90er map anpassen da man mit lvl 99 schon extrem bemerkbar weniger von den metins dort droppt als mit ~92

  • Bitte fügt iim IS ein Item ein, mit dem man ein bereits eingefügten Boni aus seinem PvP Pet wieder entfernen kann!

    Hab unabsichtlich das falsche draufgezogen :D is jz natüriich sehr belastend aber sowas passiert.. bitte im IS etwas zum korrigieren anbieten!!


  • 1) Make the skill dispel to not remove Dews cause players who get the debuff they will have 20% less magic resistance and will propably die with 2 skills from a mage char.

    2) Since all buffs are permanent make and disguise permanent.

    3) On mount hit is so fast and strong on other players. Not even the strongest PvP player can go near 10 pvm chars while hitting a boss he wants in 2 sec. That's why I suggest to add a -50% what, ninja, shaman strong against while you are on mount.

    4) Change the bonus of the orc dungeon's monsters from half-human to orc

    5) Remove the bosses from gouatama map that do not have a drop.

    6) An effect on the bosses would be nice so they can be spotted easier

    7) Show online players on a 24h basis

    8th) Chest of darkness: 80% of the time it wants to drop a weapon, armor, or accessory we do not need. To make it more worthwhile I suggest the following changes:

    • Remove the electromagnetic blade, heaven's tear accessories and 67lvl armors.

    • Add 5 cor rare (low chances)

    Add 1 x experience ring on 90lvl + maps

    • Add 1 X Blue dragon bean

    • Add elixir of the time (s)

    • Add 1 X Blacksmith's Handbook

    • Add 1 X twisted key

    • Add 1 X Ward book chest (rare)

    • Add 1 x Shrunken head

    9) Try to fix Sura's hit bug where he misses every 5-6 hits while on mount

    10) Add on metinstones 95-120lvl a 5% chance to drop a ward book chest since we get a low amount of books on those maps.

    11) At option for 90lvl + players to go instantly on Azrael boss without doing the run by giving a shrunken head and 10kk yang.

    12) Add a chance to drop 5 cor rare on nemere and razador

    13) Search and buy from search shop on all maps and channels. Make good on your maps and channels.

    14) Linen belt had drastically lost its value very quickly. Make able to trade 10 linen belts + 0 for 1 X Blue belt (material)

    15) Make Money on NPC 250x blessing scrolls for 5x Blacksmith's Handbook.

    16) Show icons on the top left of the dews screen with their remaining time.

    17) Dispell Duration from 35 secs to 5 secs same time as he cooldowns he wants to remove buffs he must do the skill constantly not only 1 time on each duel.

    18) Make wedding ring to teleport with the grotto 1 and 2 if both players are there.

    19) Make ready to trade on NPC each 250 stack of materials for 5kk yang.

    20) Dicrease the chance of heaven's soul it's almost dropped on every ice witch. Otherwise this will lead to making stones +5 and that items worthless later.

    21) Make Pink dragon bean have a 80-90% chance of success since it's very rare at least to have some value.

    22) Add an option to search a specific skill book on the shop search

    23) Red pendant is on a huge paint since it's only dropable from low lvl runs. And each talisman requires 55. It's currently Impossible to upgrade. I suggest to add the chance to drop on Azrael and Beran Setau.

    24) mission books easy, medium, hard and expert.

    • Easy: quests: 1) destroy metins between 45-70lvl for example destroy 30 metins of devil.

    2) kill 2 bosses from orc boss to fire chief.

    3) kill range monsters that come out of metinstones (will not count if they cause if metinstone destruction)

    Basically the equal quest medium for 70-89lvl, hard for 90-104 and expert for 105-120lvl map

    with a variety of rewards So there will be a cooldown of 1 hour after finishing a quest to start a new one. (Missionbooks droppable from metinstones arround 3% chance)

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