Prize Draws Before the Start

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  • Greetings fellow readers,

    to celebrate the start of Ekstasia we would like to give you the opportunity with some raffles to make your start a little more pleasant. There are 4 ways to win coins or even real money.

    Discord Activity: 5x 20 EUR Coins

    Shows activity on our Discord server to get activity points. Write messages, interact with other users or share your favorite songs, each message brings you activity points.

    The 5 most active users win and will be contacted on Discord.

    Discord "Who will I be?": 5x 10 EUR Coins
    Tell us which character you will create and which will be your main kingdom. Use the Discord Channel #my-character.

    The winner will be drawn at random and contacted on Discord.

    Signature: [5x 50 EUR REAL MONEY or 50 EUR Coins +20%] and [10x 20€ Coins]

    Add our banner to your signature in your favorite Metin2 forum where we published our show. Then publish your profile link to the corresponding profile in Discord in the #signatures channel. The real money will be given out as Amazon giftcards (purchased at

    The winner will be drawn at random and contacted on Discord.

    All giveaways will be drawn 30.10.2019 in the afternoon.

    Conditions of participation for all giveaways: Participation in a giveaway is only allowed once per person per giveaway. All conditions of the respective giveaway must be met in order to participate. A refund of the profit or replacement in the case of an account change or similar is not possible. We reserve the right to exclude individual users from the sweepstakes without prior notice. We reserve the right to make changes to the respective conditions as required.

    We wish you the best of luck!



  • Dear Players,

    have you already participated in our signature giveaway? We are currently giving away [5x 50€ Amazon.DE vouchers or 50€ Coins +20%] and additionally [10x 20€ Coins] to all who put our banner in their signature.

    It doesn't matter in which forum you do it! The forum only needs to have something to do with Metin2!

    At the draw [10x 20€ Coins] will be distributed to 10 random winners. The [5x 50€ Amazon vouchers or alternatively 50€ Coins + 20% bonus] will be distributed to the 5 most active people.


    Due to massive spam and some unconstructive criticism in server presentations from other servers, we decided to slightly modify the requirements for this giveaway. From now on it only depends on how many forums and other social media platforms you advertise for us. These include the following:

    • Metin2 forums (both German and international)
    • Facebook Groups & Pages
    • Instagram Pages
    • Discord Server (no servers from other P servers)
    • Skype status

    For all these platforms, which of course must have some relation to Metin2, you post an extra profile link or screenshot in the "#signatures" channel on our Discord server. You get 1 point for each social media platform post (e.g. 1 point per post in different Facebook groups, 1 point per post on different Instagram sites) and 1 point for each other platform / forum (e.g. 1 point for your Skype status, etc.).

    Example: You shared our banner in 3 different Metin2 forums in your signature and in a Facebook group, so you get 4 points.

    At the draw 5 random winners will be chosen.

    The more points you have, the higher your chance of winning.

    Then post all of your profile links from all forums in the "#signatures" channel here on our Discord.


    On the 30.10.2019 we will analyse all entries and announce the winners!

    Kind regards


  • Dear Players,

    the Winners of our Giveaways have been chosen! The following giveaways have just been drawn:

    • Discord Activity
    • Discord "Who will I be?"
    • Signature / Social Media Activity

    The Winners have now been contacted.

    Thanks to all participants for your participation!

    To all who did not win, don't be sad! We will organize more giveaways on a regular basis! ;)

    Kind regards


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