Changelog 1.1.8

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • Added a new Special Storage Window for Costumes and Shinings: Cosmetics
    • Added a Set Bonus System for special costumes in the future.
    • You can now exchange 50.000 Skill Books for a Scroll of Lore Change at the Old Lady to change your skill class.


    • You now can get up to 20 Christmas-Coins in the Christmas Dungeons.
    • You will now always atleast get 5 instead of 1 Christmas-Coins in the Christmas Dungeons.
    • The required amount of Dungeon-Splinters to craft Christmas Passage Tickets has been reduced from 200 to 100.
    • Christmas Bosses can now also drop Christmas Passage Tickets.
    • Improved our log system so we can check certain things way easier and faster than before.
    • You can no longer enter the Devil Tower with a group.
    • There now is a 30 minute cooldown on the Devil Tower Dungeon.
    • You can now upgrade an item with a maximum item level of 75 without the need of materials at the end of the Devil Tower. One upgrade per run. Fail will destroy the item.
    • The chance of successful improvement has been increased by 5% on all items.
    • Reduced the price of some items in the Christmas-Shop inside the Christmas Dungeons.
    • You can now also craft Orb's of Energy using Bronze, Silver and Golden Fabric as well as some Mithril.
    • Adjusted the drop chances of a lot of items in all dungeons.
    • Adjusted the drop chances of a lot of items from almost all Map Bosses.


    • Fixed the Chest Preview on Chests in crafting windows.
    • Applied some small fixes/changes to the client to increase the performace a little.

    Short statement about the current situation of Ekstasia:

    It is not a secret that we have lost a lot of players over the last few weeks. Of course, this is not very enjoyable, but it does not affect our commitment to continue working on the server at all. In good times as well as in bad ones, Ekstasia is here to stay! Even though 2020 may not have been quite our year, 2021 is coming soon! ;) We still have a lot planned for you guys and definitely won't let you down in the long run. With enough persistence, we'll get Ekstasia to the top of the list too!

    There will be some changes in the near future regarding the communication between team and players and the general appearance on our part, in order to let everything run a bit more organized. The first step for this will be another visual and functional redesign of our Discord server, which will be released in the next few days.

    You need to patch your client to be able to login!

    Best regards


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