Changelog 1.1.6

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    Dear Players,

    this maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • Added a Field of View option to the "System Options":
    • All bosses are now shown on the large minimap, including their respawn times and names:


    • Negative monster bonuses are now shown with a "-" instead of a "+-".
    • You can now hit up to 24 monsters at the same time instead of the default amount of 16.
    • The client now automatically restarts after changing the language.
    • Item bonuses from items you can not wear are not shown red anymore, so you can exactly see which bonuses are default / added / 6/7th bonuses.
    • Reduced the Max. HP % bonus from 25% to 15% on all Kyanite Armors.
    • Increased the amount of HP from 2000 to 4000 on all Dragon Helmets (Lv. 105).
    • All Map1 bosses are now spawning every 15 minutes.
    • Fine Cloth (White) has been added to the Fine Cloth Chest.
    • White Lord Sash (basic) has been added to all event chests that also contain other colored Sashes.
    • White Lord Sash (basic) has been added to the Sash Shop at Theowahdan.
    • Removed the possibility to select an offlineshop decoration and replaced all current opened offlineshops with a default shopskin to reduce lags on Map1.


    • Fixed the automatic reset of the Blacksmith Skill when choosing/changing the skill class.
    • If added ores in jewellery decays, the correct name is now shown in the chat.
    • Some changes to the ox event have been applied to make it run smoother.
    • Max. HP % now works fine with all kinds of items.

    You need to patch your client to be able to login!

    Best regards


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