Changelog 1.1.4

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • Added another Skill Stage after Perfected Skills: Ecstasy Skills
    • Added a Skill Coloring System for Ecstasy Skills.
    • Added a Security PIN System to the login to prevent account hacks.


    • Added Certificate of Extraction to the General Store, which makes it possible to extract Gem Stones from Talismans.
    • Added the Ecstasy Soul Stone as a very rare drop to the Jungle of Giants and Frosty Mountains Dungeons.
    • Added the Ecstasy Pill as a very rare drop to the Jungle of Giants and Frosty Mountaisn Dungeons.
    • Added the Ecstasy Manual as a very rare drop to Mythic and Legendary Mission Books.
    • Added all Ecstasy Skill Items as a drop to the Worldboss.

    PIN System:

    Since in the past and especially within the last week, a lot of accounts have been hacked, we have decided to introduce a PIN system. At your first login you have to create a 4-digit PIN. This PIN cannot consist of combinations of numbers like 1234, 0000, ... . The PIN does not have to be entered every time you log in, only if your PC changes. PINs should always be written down! Forgotten PINs can only be reset based on all other account information!

    Ecstasy Skills including the Skill Color System:

    Just to be clear from the beginning, Ecstasy Skills are not primarily designed to do a lot more damage. The damage is increased very slightly from skill level to skill level. The main feature of the Ecstasy Skills is the Skill Color System, which allows you, once you have one of your skills on the Ecstasy Grade, to color it as you like. The items to upgrade the mentioned Ecstasy Skills are very rare and so far only available in the last two dungeons, from the Worldboss and from the two last Mission Books.

    Ecstasy Soul Stone: Required to upgrade a skill from P1 to P2, ..., to E.

    Ecstasy Pill: Required to be able to use an Ecstasy Soul Stone.

    Ecstasy Manual: Increases the success chance of Ecstasy Soul Stones to 100%.


    You need to patch your client to be able to login!

    Best regards


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