Changelog 1.1.3

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • Once again adjusted some things regarding the PvP Balancing.
    • The duration of the following Shaman Skills have been reduced to 1 Day (7 Days before) to raise the worth of maxed out Shamans:
      Blessing, Dragon's Strength, Reflect & Attack Up
    • The drop chance of Poisoned Bottles in the Jungle Dungeon has been raised a little.
    • Some new Farmspots have been added to the Red Forest.
    • All Farmspots in the Red Forest have been renamed.
    • The kill cooldown to receive a PvP Point from the same enemy on the PvP Map has been increased to 5 minutes.
    • Kills on the PvP Map now only count if the vitctim was not one of the last 3 kills before.
    • The PvP Map is limited to Level 75 or higher now.
    • The PvP Ranking List has been cleaned due to the abuse of boosting in some cases.


    • The Anti EXP Ring now display's an active effect when activated.
    • Removed the last NPC Talk Stage in the Jungle Dungeon to prevent click bug's from happening.
    • Yak-Hwan in the Jungle Dungeon does no longer show the Crafting Window.
    • The Halloween Metinstone Skins have been restored with the original ones.
    • The Worldboss Spawn has been fixed and his size has been increased.

    Rules for the PvP Map:

    Bypassing the security mechanisms on the PvP Map, to prevent boosting, is highly forbidden!

    All future boosting attempts can result in a ban of your account!

    You need to patch your client to be able to login!

    Best regards


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