Changelog 1.1.2

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • A PvP Map including a rewarded ranking has been added to the game.
      (More Information about that below.)
    • Reworked and balanced the whole PvP System.
      (More Information about that below.)


    • Added category icons to the Shop Search.
    • The Shop Search Filter now saves your entries until your next teleport.
    • Disabled PvP at the Worldboss.
    • The PvP Arena is no longer accessible using the Warpring, instead you need to talk to Yang-Shin on the new PvP Map.
    • The PvP Arena fee has been increased to 10.000.000 Yang.
    • The Kyanite Shield+15 now grants 10% Resistance against Half-Humans.
    • The Kyanite Bracelet+15 now grants 5% Resistance against Half-Humans.


    • Fixed the display for the Kyanite Dust (Weapon) Shining on Bells.
    • Fixed the display for the Black Crow (Weapon) Shining on Bells.
    • Fixed the display for the Purgatory (Weapon) Shining on Bells.
    • Sashes are not shown in the "Costumes" Shop Search category anymore.
    • Ores are not shown in the "Consumeables" Shop Search category anymore.
    • If you buy an item using the Shop Search, it now automatically refreshes.
    • If you press ESC inside the Search Bar in the Shop Search, your input is getting cleared now.
    • Fixed the issues inside the Search Bar of the Shop Search where you couldn't type more than 2 characters anymore.
    • Fixed the "Online Time" display inside the Shop Search.
    • Switcher Boxes now show the correct count inside the Shop Search.
    • Fixed the display of +10-+15 items using the grade Shop Search filter option.
    • You can now always add permanent Ores to your Equipment, no matter if you had non permanent in it before or not.
    • Fixed starting issues regarding the Hacktrap (Anticheat).
    • Fixed the Skill Reset Document (Itemshop) bug allowing to have Buff Skills of both classes (f.e. Aura and Strong Body).
    • Fixed the Arena Guild War.
    • Fixed Guild War chat outputs.

    Information about the PvP System Rework/Balancing:

    The PvP system has been criticized by many players from time to time, therefore we took the time after the big patch 1.1.0 to completely rework the whole system and tested it very intensively. For these tests we had help from some of the best PvP players on our server, who helped us to find the golden middle of everything on our test server. After several hours we came to a result that we would like to share with you. Surely these adjustments will not be the last, small changes here and there will surely follow. But with this patch we have improved the critical parts and generally balanced all classes a lot more. We would be happy about your feedback!

    New PvP Map:

    Furthermore, with this patch we have added a new PvP map, which is visually only temporary at first and will be replaced again within the next days. This map can be reached by using the warpring. On this map you will receive one PvP point for each valid kill and lose one for each death. A valid kill is achieved when your victim meets the following criteria:

    • You can not kill your own character
    • You can not kill the same character twice in a row
    • You can not kill the same character more than once a minute

    Yang-Shin, who is located on the PvP map as well, has a ranking list or rather 3 rankings for these pvp points. A weekly one, a monthly one and one of all time. The top 3/5 players of the weekly and monthly PvP points leaderboards are rewarded as follows:

    Top 3 Weekly Rewards
    Top 5 Monthly Rewards
    1x uM7Bqg5.png Medal of Valor (Weekly)
    which grants the following for 7 days:

    2000 Max. HP
    Strong against Half-Humans +10%
    5% AVG Resistance
    5% SD Resistance
    1x Gbtek9R.png Medal of Valor (Monthly)
    which grants the following for 30 days:

    3000 Max. HP
    Strong against Half-Humans +15%
    8% AVG Resistance
    8% SD Resistance
    (7 Days Duration)
    1x XIBmRHs.png Chest of Honor which can contain very rare items.


    You need to patch your client to be able to login!

    Best regards


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