Changelog 1.1.1

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • Added an advanced Anti Cheat System.
    • Added a Client Version check to the login, so you can't login without patching your client anymore to prevent visual bugs from happening.


    • Decreased the size of the minimap in the Ochao Swampland.


    • Fixed the empire selection while creating a character.
    • Applied fixes to prevent cores from disconnecting, which has caused that the
      communication/offlineshop/shop search/dungeons/... across channels and maps no longer worked.
    • Translated the Shop Search into romanian.
    • Updated all item and mob names to be able to search all new items using the Shop Search.
    • Removed unnecessary item information when hovering over items holding the ALT Key.

    Information about patch 1.1.0:

    We are very happy with the progress of the update, even if there are still some bugs here and there, fortunately not really critical ones. The entry into certain dungeons and the use of the offline shop and the shop search on different channels and maps was partially restricted, but apart from the functionality this did not cause any further problems. We have fixed these bugs with today's patch, but we have also taken further precautions to prevent such problems in the future. The remaining problems concerning the shop search, that under certain circumstances no more characters can be entered into the search until you open it again etc., will of course be fixed as soon as possible. We spent a lot of time today to fix the really important problems so that they are off the table for now.

    Furthermore, while our developer was busy fixing the problems, we already started to rework the PvP system. We've done most of the work already and still have to do intensive testing, but the PvP patch is coming soon!

    You need to patch your client to be able to login!

    Best regards


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