Changelog 1.1.0

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • The new Shop Search has been added to the game.
    • You can now use the Offlineshop across maps and channels
    • The Stack Limit has been increased to 3000 items per stack.


    • You can now also get Malevolence Jewel (Lv. 92 Biologistic Quest Item) at the beginning of the Grotto of Exile 2.
    • Added Magical Attack Value to the Kyanite Blade, starting from +10 (547 at +15).
    • Added Skill Damage to the Kyanite Blade, starting from +10 (12% at +15).
    • Decreased the Offlineshop Time of the Silk Bundle to 7 Days.
    • Decreased the Offlineshop Time of the Bundle to 3 Days.
    • Improved the Icon of Permanent Scrolls of the Location.
    • Updated the Icon of the Permanent Energy Crystal.
    • Updated the Icons of Permanent Waters.
    • Added the White Dew (P) to the General Storekepper (Tab: Dews).
    • Added 3 different types of Gold Bars (100KK/500KK/1KKK) to the General Storekeeper.
    • Using a Boss Ticket (Orc Dungeon) now immediately teleports you to the Boss location.
    • Using a Boss Ticket (Jungle of Giants) now immediately teleports you to the Boss location.
    • Using a Boss Ticket (Frosty Mountains) now immediately teleports you to the Boss location.
    • Increased the Movementspeed of the Horse of Death.
    • Added a hotkey description to Clams.
    • There now is an output of the Top 25 damage dealing players at the Worldboss (not sorted by most to less damage).
    • Added an item description to all Vote Buffs.
    • You can now recollect your Biologistic Bonuses at the Biologist Chaegirab.


    • Fixed the Map Names for multiple maps for Scrolls of the Location.
    • Fixed the Map Images for multiple maps for Scrolls of the Location.
    • The Warpring is now fully translated for the romanian language.
    • You can no longer use a Role of Correction on a Talisman.

    This is a long awaited and difficult patch. Increasing the stack limits for all items is a challenging step, as it can go wrong in a lot of ways and lead to bugs. Also, using the offline shop and shop search on the go can lead to many bugs aswell, which is why we took so much time for this patch to test everything very thoroughly. We have now reached a point where we have not only tested everything we can think of, but have also taken enough precautions to fix any bugs that might occur as quickly as possible and limit the damage to a minimum. The usage of bugs is therefore completely pointless, every small change in yang and item counts is logged and is clearly displayed in various graphs. This allows us to detect and analyze bugs of any kind immediately and to fix them when they occur.

    Players who exploit bugs for their own advantage are banned relentlessly. The only reasonable use of a critical bug is to report it to me, to even get a reward for it. So save yourself the trouble of hiding possible bugs as best you can, we keep our eyes and ears everywhere, no bug remains undetected and certainly not unpunished!

    In the next few days we will provide a few more additions to the shop search and the offline shop, if necessary, otherwise we will focus on the upcoming PvP update and the Christmas Event. Changes to increase the Quality of Life, bug fixes and improvements will of course continue to take place in regular intervals. After the upcoming PvP Update, the Achievement System is scheduled, we have already published previews on our Discord Server.

    Stay tuned!

    You need to patch your client to be able to fully enjoy the update!

    Best regards


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