Changelogs 1.0.13

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • The Battlepass for November has been added to the game. (CLICK HERE)
    • The Halloween Event has been added to the game. (CLICK HERE)
    • The Double Metin Loot Event has been added to the game as a small event for the future.
    • The Soul Roulette Event has been added to the game as a small event for the future.


    • You can now also open the Vote Shop by rightclicking the Vote-Token.
    • You can now hide the language flags besides the names.
    • Language flags are now also shown inside the private message window.
    • There is an automatic message shown now if you try to contact a gamemaster.
    • You can now hide Shaman Buffs only using the new hide gameoption "Buffs".
    • The success chance of crafting an Orb of Energy was raised from 50% to 75%.
    • Biologist quests up to and including the Lv. 80 one no longer have a cooldown.
    • The Mighty Ice Witch is now spawning at the end of the Grotto of Exile 2.
    • There now is an Ice Witch spawning every 8 hours (08:00, 16:00, 24:00) at the end of the Grotto of Exile 1.
    • You can no longer enter the Grotto of Exile 1 if you're over level 105.
    • Worldboss Spyro's level was increased to level 130 and his HP was increased aswell.
    • The Skill Damage of Heal Shamans has been increased.
    • The droprate of Red Ghost Tree Branchs has been decreased.
    • The droprate of low level equipment (f.e. Lv. 30 weapons, ...) has been increased to simplify the low level.
    • The Spiderbaroness (Spiderbaroness Dungeon) was nerfed.
    • The Insane Bonobo (Monkey Dungeon) was nerfed.
    • The success rate of upgrading low level equipment has been increased.
    • The droprate of Clams has been slightly increased.
    • Metinstones in the Red Forest no longer drop Skillbooks.
    • Metinstones between Lv. 45 and Lv. 65 now got a 50% chance to drop an additional Skillbook.
    • The base damage of the Zodiac Sword has been increased to slightly decrease the huge gap between the Zodiac Sword and the Zodiac Glaive.
    • You can now also buy Rarity Adders using Herbs of Luck.
    • The droprate of Herbs of Luck and Herbs of Life from metinstones in the Enchanted Forest and on both Lv. 105 Maps has been decreased.
    • The drop amount of Herbs of Luck at both Lv. 120 Map metinstones has been decreased from 5 to 3.


    • A lot of functionality of the Battlepass Quests has been reworked to prevent missing and bugged quests in some cases.
    • Green Changers now work on all equipment parts up to level 40.
    • The Switchbot now also uses the Green Changers out of the Apprentice Chest.
    • Ores are not deleted anymore when upgrading a Kyanite Necklace to +12 anymore.
    • All Boss Spawn times have been adapted to the change of time. All bosses now spawn at the exact times shown here (CET): Wiki - Boss Spawns
    • The Worldboss now spawns at 8pm (20:00) CET.
    • Fixed a bug in the Orc Dungeon which made it possible to skip the Boss Stage.
    • Critical Strike is now stackable and tradeable.
    • You can now combine the Red Permanent Dew with non permanent Critical Strikes.
    • Dragon Beans are now only stored in the Material Storage instead of being stored in the Material and the MISC Storage.

    You need to patch your client to be able to participate at the Halloween Event!

    Best regards


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