🎃 Halloween Event 👻 | 31.10. - 07.11.2020

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    Hey... you... yeah, exactly... You! I'm Jack. Jack Pumpkin the feared Halloween God! tzkGuZD.png

    You're probably wondering what I want from you, right? It's simple. I will take over Ekstasia!

    You got two choices. You either work for me or against me. If you work for me, I'll reward you magnificently.

    But if you decide to stop me from taking over Ekstasia, I will punish you! You don't want that, trust me ;)

    My Servants and I will take control of Ekstasia on the 31.10.2020 and we are planning to accomplish this until the 07.11.2020.

    I have developed a plan, but I cannot fully reveal it yet, because I do not want it to be prevented.

    But here you already have an overview over my plannings:

    1. Metin / Boss / Dungeon Drops
    2. Halloween Map Bosses
    3. Halloween Crafting
    4. Halloween Dungeon
    5. Point System
    6. Discord Counting
    7. Push for Newbies
    8. Special Vote4Buff
    9. Halloween Event Extension


    Metin / Boss / Dungeon Drops

    During the entire halloween event, all metinstones will drop qxjGYhd.png Pumpkin Seeds,
    map bosses will drop bKIPkhs.png Magic Wands and dungeon bosses will drop 50095.png Pumpkins.

    Metin Stones between Level 45 and 90
    qxjGYhd.png 1x Pumpkin-Seeds
    Metin Stones on all Lv. 90 and both Lv. 105 Maps
    qxjGYhd.png 2x Pumpkin-Seeds
    Metin Stones in the Enchanted Forest and on both Lv. 120 Maps
    qxjGYhd.png 3x Pumpkin-Seeds
    Map Bosses starting at the Orc Chief
    50% Chance for bKIPkhs.png 1x Magic Wand


    Halloween Map Bosses

    Additionally, there will be a special Halloween Boss on the following farmmaps at every full hour,
    that can drop up to 3x bKIPkhs.png Magic Wands each.

    Target Drop Maps
    250px-Billy_Loomis.png All default map boss drops
    1-3 bKIPkhs.png Magic Wands
    Orc Valley
    Mount Sohan
    Ghost Forest
    Red Forest
    All Lv. 90 Maps
    Both Lv. 105 Maps
    Enchanted Forest
    Both Lv. 120 Maps


    Halloween Crafting

    At Jack Pumpkin, you can exchange your qxjGYhd.png Pumpkin Seeds, your bKIPkhs.png Magic Wands and your 50095.png Pumpkins

    into 50215.pngHalloween Chests and 71191.pngBags of Candy.

    50215.pngHalloween Chests 71191.pngBag of Candy
    Required Materials:
    1500x qxjGYhd.png Pumpkin Seeds
    30x bKIPkhs.png Magic Wands
    30x 50095.png Pumpkins
    Required Materials:
    750x qxjGYhd.png Pumpkin Seeds
    15x bKIPkhs.png Magic Wands
    15x 50095.png Pumpkins
    (Including Itemshop Mounts, Pets and Permanent PvP Rings)


    Halloween Dungeon

    Using a 31146.png Halloween Passage Ticket, you can enter the Halloween Dungeon at Jack Pumpkin.

    This halloween dungeon is not just any dungeon, there are some very special features in it!

    • Minimum required level: 105
    • Maximum required level: 130
    • Dungeon Cooldown: 4 hours
    • You can not enter the dungeon with a group

    At the final reward of the dungeon, you will get a random amount of F9JLkoh.png Halloween Coins between 15 and 100.

    You can then use them at the Halloween Shop inside the dungeon to buy things like Mounts & Pets, but also permanent Costumes and much more!



    You should always use all your Halloween Coins to buy things, because as soon as you teleport out of the dungeon, the remaining ones will be deleted!


    The 31146.png Halloween Passage Ticket can only be obtained from 50215.pngHalloween Chests &71191.pngBags of Candy.

    Additionally, they can be bought for the following materials:

    150.000.000 money.png Yang


    500x qxjGYhd.png Pumpkin Seeds


    200x 700198.png?h=78397e3f8ae226cd0b6c0482070e4132700199.png?h=84c0f3dfe2ff612a883e305f6b70befd700200.png?h=50b4996fe8efc7fa85bb030ece0b1ff0Dungeon-Splinters of every kind


    Point System

    Another motivation to actively participate in the Halloween event is our unique point system.

    You will earn points by doing the following:

    • Metinstone (Lv. 55 or higher) Kills = 1 Point
    • Map Boss Kills = 10 Points
    • Dungeon Boss Kills = 25 Points

    You can check your score at Jack Pumpkin on Map1 at any time.

    Jack Pumpkin also provides a ranking of the top 10 players with the most points.


    The Top 10 players on 07.11. at 23:59 CET will be rewarded as follows:

    1. Place

    50€ 80016.png Coins
    Special Costume Set (Armor, Hairstyle & Weapon) + Dark Evil Cat (30 Days)
    4ODdDs8.gif + loEUuDZ.gif
    2. Place

    25€ 80015.png Coins
    Special Costume Set (Armor, Hairstyle & Weapon) + Dark Evil Cat (30 Days)
    4ODdDs8.gif + loEUuDZ.gif
    3. Place

    10€ 80014.pngCoins
    Special Costume Set (Armor, Hairstyle & Weapon) + Dark Evil Cat (30 Days)
    4ODdDs8.gif + loEUuDZ.gif
    4-10. Place

    Dark Evil Cat (30 Days)


    Discord Counting

    This is a task for the entire Discord Community, which then rewards the entire community as well.

    As soon as the halloween event starts, there will be a channel named "#counting" within the community section.


    The objective of this game is to count up as high as possible.

    But there are a few rules for this:

    • You cannot count twice in a row.
    • You cannot take turns counting with the same partner over and over again.
    • Incorrect counts are not counted and are automatically deleted.

    We will not yet announce what exactly the reward will be!

    But we can say this much, the higher the number at the end, the better the reward!

    Work hard and show us what you together can accomplish!


    Push for Newbies

    Since events have always been pretty attractive for new players, we're going to go one step further.

    There will be a special JRaAiN3.png Beginner Halloween Lolly (7 Days) in the starter set, which grants the following bonuses:

    • 2500 HP
    • 25% EXP Bonus
    • 20% Strong against Monsters
    • 20% Strong against Metins
    • 20% Strong against Bosses

    (This ring is stronger than every itemshop and ingame ring and can even be combined with other rings!)


    Special Vote4Buff

    Additional to the Push of Newbies, there will be a special limited Vote Buff available during the halloween event for everyone.

    This special UKQ1Jhl.pngHalloween Vote Buff combines the bonuses of all other default Vote Buffs and therefore grants:

    • 15% Strong against Monsters
    • 15% Strong against Metins
    • 10% EXP Bonus
    • 15% More Yang & Item Drop Chance
    • 10% Strong against Half-Humans

    Just like the other ones, it costs 1 Vote Token and lasts 24 hours.


    Halloween Event Extension

    Last but not least, there is a way for you to extend the duration of the Halloween event even further!

    This part of the event requires even more community collaboration than the Discord Counting Event.

    In order to expand the event, a certain number of specific items must be delivered to the Event Dealer every day.


    For each completed Challenge per day, the Halloween event is extended by a full day.

    This means that the event can be extended from 8 to 16 days in total!

    Day Challenge Result
    31.10.2020 Collect 250.00031064.png Herbs of Luck & 250.000 31066.png Herbs of Life
    180.76631064.png Herbs of Luck & 21.76331066.png Herbs of Life
    01.11.2020 Collect 100.000 book_01.pngSkill Books
    226.699 book_01.pngSkill Books
    02.11.2020 Collect 250.000 Mithril.png Materials of any kind
    262.909 Mithril.png Materials
    03.11.2020 Collect 150.000 50132.png Chests of any kind
    28.462 50132.png Chests
    04.11.2020 Collect 50.000 50639.png Ores of any kind
    71.048 50639.png Ores
    05.11.2020 Collect 25.000 70600.png Talisman Chests of any kind
    25.035 70600.png Talisman Chests
    06.11.2020 Collect 10.000.000 Gegenstand_verzaubern.png Enchant Items
    18.475 Gegenstand_verzaubern.png Enchant Items
    07.11.2020 Collect 15.000 700062.png?h=50b9857a901aec0c73450bd96f333d57 Talisman Splinters
    15.051 700062.png?h=50b9857a901aec0c73450bd96f333d57 Talisman Splinters

    (No matter if the challenge is finished that day or not, the items will be deleted after submission!)

    We reserve the right to change anything and everything at any point!

    Spooky regards

    Shaw <3

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