Changelogs 1.0.10

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • The drop chance of Ochao Scales (Lv. 130 Bio Quest) has been increased.
    • The drop chance of Ochao Leather (Lv. 125 Bio Quest) has been increased.
    • You can now exchange an old Battle Pass to a new one just by clicking on it.
    • The drop chance of Keystones in the 4. Stage of the Devils Catacomb has been increased.
    • The refine rate of Equipment above +10 has been slightly increased.
    • The Stone Handbook has been removed from the General Storekeeper because there is no need for it.
    • All Lv. 105 PvP Helmets now grant a -50% Strong against Monster bonus.


    • Red Flame Stones no longer disappear when crafting Lv. 120 belts.
    • You can no longer use the Scroll of Correction to remove Gem Stones from talismans.
    • You can now only enter the Higher Floors in the Demon Tower if you're the leader of the group (of course only applies if you're in a group).
    • All wrong Cor Draconis (Legendary) has been replaced with the right ones in all Dungeon Shops.
    • All remaining wrong Cor Draconis (Legendary) in all player inventories replaced with the right ones.
    • Talismans now work properly on Ochao Bosses.


    For all players with a missing Battlepass Quest, please contact me via Discord and provide me with the following data:

    • Character Name
    • Which Battlepass Quest is missing?
    • Did all other Battlepass Quests work without any problems?

    There is no client patch needed this time.

    Best regards


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