Changelogs 1.0.9

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • You can now block other players using the new button in the friend list.
    • After every first login after a maintenance, you can now directly access the patchnotes ingame.
    • You can now exchange Blue and Pink Dragon Beans to Green Dragon Beans at the Alchemist.
    • Added an item to reselect/reset your skill group.


    • You can now immediately get a divorce after your marriage instead of have to wait 24 hours until you're able to get a divorce.
    • Kyanit Earrings now grant a negative Strong against Monster Bonus to prevent using them in the fight against Monsters.
    • The success rate of Blacksmith's Theorys has been slightly increased.
    • The permanent Energy Crystal now grants 15 instead of 10 energy.


    • Skin projections no longer disappear when you upgrade the item.
    • Replaced all Spiderbaroness Boss Tickets with Razador Boss Tickets and removed all Spiderbaroness Ticket "Drops".
    • Replaced all weird Cor Draconis (Legendary) with the right ones and corrected all drops.
    • Yarns now automatically turn into Fabrics as soon as you got 10 of a kind.


    We would also like to make an announcement to all our players! We are currently looking for system ideas of any kind! However, we don't mean things like "new dungeons" or something like that, we want to add new proper systems to the game. For example a complex achievement system, or a title system, or even the new monster card system from the official server. It doesn't matter if these systems are just gimmicks, additional bonuses or whatever. Of course we still decide in the end, but the more complex the suggestion, the more likely we will be able to implement systems exactly the way you want them. As soon as we have collected the best few suggestions, we will start a poll to find out which system is most likely to be desired. This system will then be addressed first, the remaining ones, however, will not be excluded.

    Please patch your clients or download the following manual patch: Manual Patch 1.0.9

    To apply a manual patch, you just need to download it and drag all the including files into the "pack" folder inside your client files

    Best regards