Changelogs 1.0.7

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • The Dungeon Shop for the Jungle of Giants has been added.
    • The Dungeon Shop for the Frosty Mountains has been added.


    • The mob density in the Grotto of Exile 1 has been increased.
    • The drop chance for items with rarity bonuses with a Rarity Boost has been slightly increased.
    • The exp rate from monsters inside the Spider Dungeon 2 has been increased.
    • Shamans now deal more damage against monsters, metins and bosses.
    • If you stand up after you got killed, you now respawn with a health of 20%.
    • Dispel from now on has a capped success chance of 50%.


    • Wedding items now work properly.
    • You can now upgrade all Ruby Dragonstones without any problems.
    • The drop info for all monsters / metins and bosses has been updated.
    • You can now Fast Move Items into all warehouse inventory pages.

    Our developers are currently working on slightly more complex systems and changes suggested by some of you.
    We take all your suggestions seriously and consider the best way to implement them on a daily basis.

    Also, we're working on a huge halloween event and a big promotion phase right now.

    We're now running pretty much smoothly for almost 2 weeks, its time for some new players, isn't it!?

    But even without much promotion at the moment, we have a daily increasing player increase!

    Please patch your clients or download the following manual patch: Manual Patch 1.0.7

    To apply a manual patch, you just need to download it and drag all the including files into the "pack" folder inside your client files

    Best regards


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