[ACCOUNT SECURITY] 2 Factor Authentication

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  • Dear Players,

    since we received multiple reports about hacked accounts in the last days, we would like to provide a step by step guide for the 2 factor authentication.

    Summary of the 2FA:

    The 2 factor authentication is a protection of your account using your smartphone.

    It will be linked to your account and is required whenever you want to log in on a new computer.

    Unwanted login attempts by strangers are being blocked.

    STEP 1:

    Visit our homepage and log in with your account: https://ekstasia.net
    STEP 2:

    Open the user panel by clicking on "My Account"

    STEP 3:

    Now click on the green "Enable" button in the "Two Factor Authentication" group.

    STEP 4:

    Now your smartphone gets involved. Please open the Google Playstore / Appstore on your smartphone and search for one of the following apps:
    - Google Authenticator (recommended)
    - Microsoft Authenticator
    - Last Pass
    - 2FA Auth
    - Authy

    Download and install one of these apps, we recommend the Authenticator from Google.
    STEP 5:

    Open the downloaded app and scan the displayed QR code.
    Afterwards you should see a 6-digit code, which you have to enter on our homepage within a few seconds.
    If you are not fast enough, this is no problem at all, the code is automatically renewed every few seconds.

    STEP 6:

    It should look like this to you now:


    From now on, you will always have to enter a 6-digit code that will be displayed in the Authenticator app when you log in to a new computer.

    Before you reset your mobile phone / get a new one or change your mobile phone number, please deactivate the Authenticator the same way on our homepage.
    Afterwards you can activate it again without any problems.

    Kind regards