[18.09. - 20.09.] Flower Event + Bonus Weekend

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  • Dear Players,

    on the weekend there will be a Flower Event and an EXP/Drop/Yang bonus of 15%.

    Both events will start on 18.09.2020 at 18:00 CET and end on 20.09.2020 at 23:59 CET.

    The following is an explanation of the Flower Event:


    22px-Chrysantheme.png Flower Event 22px-Chrysantheme.png

    During the whole event you will be able to get five different 22px-Sonnenblumenspr%C3%B6ssling.png Flower Seeds from all Metinstones from level 45.

    ~ Metinstones between level 45 and 90 always drop one 22px-Sonnenblumenspr%C3%B6ssling.png Flower Seed. ~

    ~ Metinstones between level 95 and 105 always drop two 22px-Sonnenblumenspr%C3%B6ssling.png Flower Seeds. ~

    ~ Metinstones from level 110 always drop three 22px-Sonnenblumenspr%C3%B6ssling.png Flower Seeds. ~

    As soon as you got 10 22px-Sonnenblumenspr%C3%B6ssling.png Flower Seeds of one kind, they automatically turn into a 22px-Sonnenblume.png Flower.


    Bosses outside of dungeons always drop 1 of 5 different 22px-Chrysanthemenbox.png Flower Chests.

    These chests contain between 1 and 3 22px-Sonnenblume.png Flowers.


    Once you got 3 22px-Sonnenblume.png Flowers of all kinds, you can exchange them at Soon for a 72737.png Chest of Botany.

    This chest contains the following items.

    72737.png Chest of Botany
    3Pb1YVi.png 10.000.000 Yang
    71084.png 500x Enchant Item
    70063.png?h=727b505a692ef5ff7e9aaa09c07bd7db 25x Transform Costume
    70064.png?h=a892fc518079463308e9ea615f318f0b 35x Enchant Costume
    70005.pngExperience Ring (3h)
    2c0082ead9a8550f6f2272f710b1159a.pngExperience Ring+
    Trank_der_Weisheit.png Potion of Wisdom(1h)
    72502.png?h=d5ba848f5ef92373f94c92ad21d6d11a Rarity-Boost
    25040.pngBlessing Scroll
    Magisches_Eisenerz.png Magic Stone
    Ritualstein.png Ritual Stone
    cc7dbcff0db060d982f7eec95dba1824.png Blacksmith's Theory
    27987.png10x Clam
    27992.pngWhite Pearl
    27993.pngBlue Pearl
    27994.pngBlood-Red Pearl
    90021.png?h=00c91038cf422c78c17ff88622d1f717Green Pearl
    90022.png?h=c5939bb3b460c8591e7071928adca045Violet Pearl
    90020.png?h=b4ab1384f70f83a2dc2b1fa8339a78bcYellow Pearl
    700039.png?h=1958eef3741a235be00853120187f071 Pendants
    70254.png?h=3015e0f9e33bf33c3e7c2c14ed7af5ca Herbs
    71051.png?h=c1fd4f7c7a4f7b8f96ee219454752638 Rarity Adder
    700030.png?h=7cbfca0b4c0e9f10b6028bc334229282 Dungeon-Glass
    13ceee638abce3e4bb6362f558baeb31.png Boss-Tickets
    55000.png?h=08eb66f1b1218d0cd8f697edcd7d09c1 Protein-Snack(25%)
    700103.png?h=f272060eb7b22c4f106fc7030fb837f6Oneiric Soul Elixir (G)
    700104.png?h=f17a919a867115f02c3d5f52cce2c356Celestial Soul Elixir (S)
    51501.png Cor Draconis (Rough)
    51569.pngCor Draconis (Rare)
    51506.png Cor Draconis (Legendary)
    9b41cc7fefd6fd0462aeaea8d2d812f9.png Colored Lord Sashes (basic)
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