Changelogs 1.0.4

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    Dear Players,

    this nights maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • A new event has been added to the game, more informations are following soon!


    • The drop rates of Green Dragon Beens have been slightly increased (temporarily!)
    • The attack range of ranged monsters inside the Grotto of Exile 2 has been reduced to the attack range of melee monsters.
    • The exp rate of monsters inside the Grotto of Exile 2 has been slightly increased.
    • The exp rate of monsters inside the Spider Dungeon 2 has been slightly increased.
    • The drop rates of a lot of items from bosses on both Lv. 105 farmmaps have been adjusted.
    • The drop rate of the Zin Tower Map and the Zin-Bong-In Key inside the Devil Tower has been slightly increased.
    • The drop rate of Keystones in the Orc Maze Dungeon has been increased.
    • The changes of getting 3 bonuses into a costume have been increased a little bit.
    • The HP regeneration of the Spider Baroness has been decreased.


    • We have taken several precautions to locate the problem with the Dungeon - Battlepass Quest.
    • We have added first fixes for the problems with stuck dungeons - feedback is appreciated!
    • The visual bug has been fixed if you left the drop info of any monster open and teleported to another map.
    • All items with a rarity bonus should now show the correct name color while being on the ground.

    Additionally, the PvM Arena has been drawn and the rewards been sent to the winners Mall Storage.

    Please patch your clients or download the following manual patch: Manual Patch 1.0.4

    To apply a manual patch, you just need to download it and drag all the including files into the "pack" folder inside your client files.

    Best regards


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