Requirements for all Applicants

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  • Dear Community,

    the following is a list of requirements all our applicants. All requirements MUST be fulfilled by all applicants.

    Personal Requirements:

    • at least 18 years old
    • your english must be at least average in written terms
    • certain abilty to work and communicate in a team
    • a healthy amount of mental maturity
    • at least an average game knowledge

    Application requirements:

    • continuous text with at least 250 words in english XVcWetT.png
    • no copied applications
    • proper formatting
    • few to none spelling mistakes
    • correct punctuation
    • your Discord-Tag
    • list all languages you speak / write

    Required informations:

    • Ingame Name of your main character (Main-Server)
    • Playtime of your main character (Main-Server)
    • Are you part of a guild? (Main-Server)
    • How long have you been playing on Ekstasia? (Main-Server)
    • Please tell us in which teams you have already been active

    Applications which do not comply with the above requirements are rejected on principle.

    The better the application, the higher the chance of being accepted!

    Just to make sure you have read this far, please start your application with "#Ekstasia".

    As soon as you have sent your application we will process it as soon as possible.

    We will contact all accepted applicants via Discord, so please don't forget to add your Discord-Tag to your application!

    Kind regards


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