Changelogs 1.0.2

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    Dear Players,

    the second maintenance brought the following changes into the game:


    • An item description has been added to all Boss Tickets


    • Removed unused Boss Monsters on all Map2
    • Lucy's Ring, the Sage King's Symbol and the Sage King's Glove are now stackable
    • The prices of all Boss Tickets for dungeons have been cut in half
    • The drop rate of Curse Books have been raised a little bit


    • The "*" has been removed out of the friend list of everybody
    • The drop informations has been updated for all monsters, metins and bosses
    • The Stone of Magic now also grants the Attack Value bonus if its between +0 and +3
    • The fifth slot of the Switchbot is now working properly again
    • The speed of the Switchbot has been increased to the original speed again

    We have also added a few more logs to locate the problem about sometimes being stuck in some dungeon instances.
    We will keep an eye on that and fix them as soon as possible, until then, please always report if you're being stuck in any dungeon.

    Please patch your clients or download the following manual patch: Manual Patch 1.0.2

    To apply a manual patch, you just need to download it and drag all the including files into the "pack" folder inside your client files

    Best regards


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