Coins Refund [Deadline: 19.10.2020]

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  • The last possible time for requests for refunds is the 19.10.2020!
    All requests after that date will not be processed!

    Dear Players,

    the refund of Coins will be done as follows:

    All Donators will be split into 2 different groups:

    • Group A -> Less or exactly 50€ donated
    • Group B -> Donated more than 50€

    Donators of Group A will get their full amount of money back in the form of coins before the server starts.

    Donators of Group B will be charged with Coins worth of 50€ before the server starts.
    10 days after the server start there will be another payment of 50€ or the remaining amount for each donator.
    After that every next 7 days another 50€ or the remaining amount will be refunded until the total amount is reached.

    Some of you will surely wonder why the refund is done over a longer period of time. This is simply because we cannot flood the server with tons of coins immediately after server start. A full payout right from the start would only have disadvantages for the server itself, but also for all players - no matter if they are donators or not. The amount of coins to be refunded was generated over a period of about 6 months, so we can not put the total amount into circulation right at the beginning.

    All the information needed to refund the Coins are the following:

    • Old Account ID
    • New Account ID
    • e-Payouts Order Confirmation Code / Amazon Code

    You received the Order Confirmation Code of e-Payouts by e-mail after your donation.

    You also received your Amazon Code by email if you bought it online, otherwise on the gift card itself.

    Account Registration: Ekstasia - Register

    Refund Form: Ekstasia - Refund of Coins

    The refund itself will start during the same week, but all requests will be processed until the server starts!

    Therefore all former donors have their coins, or a part of them, right before the server starts!

    Best regards


  • Dear Players,

    the Registration has been activated now: Ekstasia - Register

    The document for the refund of the coins can be accessed here: Ekstasia - Refund of Coins

    Please fill out all required fields as detailed as possible!

    In case of missing or incorrect information, Coins may not be refunded.

    If we have any questions, we will contact you about your provided Discord Tag.

    All refund requests will be processed until the server starts.

    Requests about the current status of your refund will be ignored!

    Best regards


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