Game Rules

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  • Dear Readers,

    in this thread you will find all rules related to the game server.
    These rules are bound to EVERYONE and cannot be contested under any circumstances with excuses like "I didn't know".
    In addition, any changes that take place are instantly valid and must be followed immediately!

    §1 Naming your Character

    The following naming rules include the names of characters, shops, guilds, horses and pets.

    Names that are offensive, racist, or right-wing extremist are prohibited.

    Using the name of an Ekstasia Team Member or pretending to be an Ekstasia Team Member is strictly forbidden.

    Impersonating as another player who you're not is also forbidden.

    The assigned names must be a meaningful string (an irregular name would be "llIIlIlIIlIl", for example).

    §2 Behaviour

    All players should treat each other respectfully. Do not threaten or blackmail other players.

    If you believe, that your teammates do not abide by the rules, report this to a team member.

    Obstructing other players by blocking the passageways (e.g. on the bridge) is prohibited.

    Foreign advertising of any kind is not permitted. This also includes the simple naming of another server.

    Spreading private information and rumors of a Team Mamber or Player in general is strictly prohibited.

    The attempt to scam another player (no matter in which form) is forbidden.

    Pushing the guild placement with another guild that does not offer any resistance is prohibited.

    §3 Communication

    The following regulations are necessary to ensure that players are treated comfortably.

    They are valid for all readable texts and on other platforms (Discord, Forum, etc.).

    Fast, repeated sending (spam) of messages is prohibited. The publication of links is prohibited.
    Excluded from this are links that lead to the promotion of Ekstasia (Twitch, etc.)

    Excessive use of capital letters or special characters is not permitted.

    Pornographic, vulgar, insulting, racist or other offensive content is prohibited.

    The spreading of rumours that a player has been pushed by a team member is forbidden.

    (You can report such suspicions to a Team Member via Discord.)

    §4 Third-party Programs, Exploits or Similar

    To ensure fair gameplay, these rules must be followed.

    The use of third-party programs that provide a playful advantage is prohibited.

    Decrypting or even manipulating transmitted data between the client and the server is prohibited.

    Exploting errors in the game is prohibited and previously undiscovered errors must be reported immediately.

    Using macros is prohibited. Leveling without being active (afk leveling) is prohibited and will be punished.

    §5 Account Protection

    These measures serve the security of the account and should be followed carefully.

    It is the personal responsibility of each account holder to protect his data from other persons.

    The Ekstasia Team will never ask you for your account password.

    Account sharing (the passing on of the own account) is not supported in case of a problem.

    The transfer of the account for any kind of consideration (except items that can be reached in-game) is not allowed.

    Trading with real money, even in the form of vouchers, is forbidden.

    Trading items on Ekstasia with items from another server is forbidden!

    In addition, there is no support for hacked accounts without enabled two-factor authentication.

    §6 Team related Rules

    The team enforces the rules, helps with questions and generally takes care of the players.

    Team members are not allowed to give out items, Yang or anything else. They won't hold anything for you and won't help you level up.

    Instructions and decisions of the team are final and must be followed. Only a team member of a higher rank can override decisions of a subordinate team member. If a member of the team tries to take advantage of his position,

    the affected player or a witness of the incident is required to contact another or a higher rank team member immediately.

    Each player is instructed to respond to private in-game messages from a team member.

    §7 Price Trolling

    You are not allowed to perform any kind of price trolling.
    An example of this is the following situation: Enchant Item is usually traded for sum X of Yang for a quantity of 5,000 pieces.
    You add a few stacks of Enchant Item for the same price, but with the quantity 1 to your offline shop.

    This is forbidden because inattentive players are penalized by not paying enough attention to the number of items.

    In addition, it is forbidden to sell an item like a White Pearl, which usually costs 20,000,000 Yang, for a price of 200,000,000 or even 2,000,000,000 Yang.

    §8 PvP Map

    Bypassing the security mechanisms on the PvP Map, to prevent boosting, is highly forbidden!

    All future boosting attempts can result in a ban of your account!

    We reserve the right to make changes to our rules and regulations at any time!