Patchnotes 1.9.6

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    Dear players,

    in Patchnotes 1.9.5 we have already announced that we are working on the issues regarding server instability which we monitored for a while. With this patch we are deploying several fixes in the backend on the server side which should greatly improve the performance and may even solve this issue. Unfortunately, it's not easy to test or debug it since it does simply not happen with a low player count so we cannot reproduce it in our test or development environments. From time to time, we have to deploy changes to the live environment to see what has changed and if the issues are resolved but we are working on it with great confidence and therefore hope to successfully resolve the issue with this patch. We will still continue the monitoring to see if the changes have the desired effect, so stay tuned for future updates on this topic.

    Todays maintenance brought the following changes to the game:


    • The global boss spawn system will now automatically trigger when the server boots.
      Previously, the system started dynamically when a player first logged in on a map.
    • Reduced the chance to block other players melee attacks.
    • Changed some internal networking parts.
    • Made the client connection to the server more stable to reduce kicks.
    • Changed the drop chances of the Desert Catacomb Dungeon.
    • Changed the drop chances of the Jungle Dungeon.
    • Changed the drop chances of the Orc Dungeon.
    • Slightly increased the expierence rate in the Grotto of Exile.
    • Slightly increased the expierence rate in the Grotto of Exile 2.
    • Adapted the damage in these dungeons:
      • Razador Dungeon
      • Nemere Dungeon
      • Orc Dungeon
      • Jungle Dungeon
      • Desert Catacomb Dungeon
    • Balanced the Skill "Cure" a little more, additionally to previous patch.


    • Fixed the guild rank page in the english client.
    • Fixed the guild rank page in the german client.
    • Fixed the currency window causing an unclickable area when hidden.
    • Fixed the dungeon chest blocking a player when first clicked without fulfilling the requirements.
    • Fixed the HP gauge in target window sometimes showing green even though the target was not poisoned.
    • Fixed a warping issue causing the player to get kicked out of the game.
    • Fixed the skin not showing in item hyperlink tooltips.
    • Fixed the character select sometimes not showing the character.
    • Fixed the item left time sometimes not showing correctly.

    Please patch your client, you will not be able to login otherwise!

    Kind regards