Patchnotes 1.9.0

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    Dear players,

    as the Chrstimas Event is approaching its end we want to inform you that the Chrstimas Items (like Piece of Snow Balls, Snow Balls, Christmas Balls, Ingredients for the Biscuits, ...) which are farmed and are not useable but are used to buy the useable Christmas Items will be remove on 27th of December! Items which are usable will remain, of course!

    Back to the patchnotes, this patch introduces the Gaya System which was already announced in Patch 1.8.12.

    Todays maintenance brought the following changes to the game:


    • Added Gaya System.
      • Trade your Spirit Stones +4 + 10x Glimmerstone for 1 Gaya at the Gaya Merchant.
      • The Gaya Market has valueable items you can buy using Gaya.
      • Warp to the Gaya NPCs using the Warpring (see category "NPCs").
    • Added Glimmerstone to the drops of the following Open World Bosses.
      • Orc Chief
      • Nine Tails
      • Flame King
      • Giant Tortoise
      • Yellow Tigerghost
      • Ghost Tree Lord
      • Dark Leader
      • Queen Spider
      • Level 90s map bosses
      • Balrog
      • Plambo
      • Bagjanamu
    • Added Glimmerstone as guaranteed drop to the dungeons:
      • Orc Maze Dungeon: 1x Glimmerstone
      • Monkey Dungeon: 1x Glimmerstone
      • Devils Catacomb Dungeon: 2x Glimmerstone
      • Blue Dragon Dungeon: 3x Glimmerstone
      • Razador Dungeon: 3x Glimmerstone
      • Nemere Dungeon: 3x Glimmerstone
      • Orc Dungeon: 5x Glimmerstone
      • Jungle Dungeon: 5x Glimmerstone
      • Desert Catacomb Dungeon: 5x Glimmerstone
    • Mrs. Claus now sells new items:
      • Christmas Biscuit (PvM): 50x Chrstmas Balls
      • Christmas Biscuit (PvP): 50x Christmas Balls
      • Costumes: 100x Christmas Balls
      • Medal of Christmas: 200x Christmas Balls


    • Adjusted the positioning of the currency window.
    • Shortcuts are now outlined for better readability.


    • Fixed a bug in the shop system that dispositioned the tab buttons under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed a bug that kept the currency window open while a quest is active.
    • Fixed a small formatting bug in the shop system for pricings.
    • FIxed the clicking bug when getting disconnected with an open quest window.
    • Fixed a bug that the currency window sometimes did not update correctly.

    Please patch your client!

    Kind regards