Patchnotes 1.8.12

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    Dear players,

    first of all we want to make sure that you know we are aware of the lags occuring from time to time and are definitely looking into them. We found a possible source of the problem and fixed it. Now we have to wait and see if the lags are finally fixed. However, please be assured that we will continue to monitor whether the problem occurs again.

    Secondly, we are about to introduce the well-known Gaya System with the upcoming 1.9.0 patch. Already, some parts of it are included in this patch like the currency window in the bottom right corner which is now indepent from the inventory window. Further information will be release with the patchnotes 1.9.0.

    Todays maintenance brought the following changes to the game:


    • Added the Dragon Stone Soul Alchemy Set Bonus to the game.
      If you have 6 legendary excellent Dragon Stone equipped and active, you'll receive the set bonus.
      • Maximum HP +1.000
      • Strong against Monsters +5%
      • Strong against Metins +5%
    • Added 3 new pages to the storages:
      • Stone Storage
      • Skillbook Storage
      • Materials Storage
      • Miscellaneous Storage
    • Added Boss Tickets to the game:
      Use Boss Tickets inside of a dungeon to instantly jump to the boss stage.
      • Orc Maze Ticket
      • Ape Dungeon Ticket
      • Razador Ticket
      • Nemere Ticket
      • Jungle Ticket
      • Desert Catacomb Ticket
      • Orc Dungeon Ticket
    • Added Talisman Adder to the drops of Nemere.
    • Added Talisman Adder to the drop of Razador.
    • Added Yang-Coupon (1.000.000 Yang) to the drops of level 90s maps metins.
    • Added Yang-Coupon (2.500.000 Yang) to the drops of level 105s maps metins.
    • Added Yang-Coupon (2.500.000 Yang) to the drops of level 115s maps metins.
    • Added currency window in the bottom right corner as preparation for the upcoming Gaya System.
    • Added a button to the task bar to toggle the visibility of the currency window.
    • Added a timestamp to private messages.

    • Added new Weapon Costume Sets to the game: *
      • Tropical
      • Dark Core
    • Added Tropical Armor Costume Set to the game. *
    • Added new Mounts to the game: *
      • Bernie
      • Skeleton Stallion (Dark)
      • Skeleton Stallion (Light)
    • Added new Pets to the game: *
      • Little Santa
      • Little Bambi
    • Added new Pet System Pet to the game: *
      • Bewitched Snowman
    • Added Frost Wings to the game. *
    • Added new Shinings to the game: *
      • Red Kyanite Dust
      • Green Kyanite Dust
      • Blue Kyanite Dust
      • Yellow Kyanite Dust
      • Orange Kyanite Dust
      • Red Purgatory
      • Green Purgatory
      • Blue Purgatory
      • Yellow Purgatory
      • Purple Purgatory

    * : All of these items will be available in the itemshop starting from the 23rd of December. A demonstration for all of these items will be available in the according thread we will publish soon.


    • Apprentice Chests are no longer destroyable.
    • Failing the refinement of Souls will no longer lower the grade of the Soul.
    • Slightly increased the expierience rate in the Grotto of Exile 2.
    • Logging in during maintenance mode will no longer cause a throttling of authentication attempts.
    • Players killed by a player at least 30 levels above will no longer loose their buffs.
    • Pet System Pets with a Strong against Warriors / Assassins / Suras / Shamans bonus are now rewarded different points per kill:
      • Level 1-75: 1 Point
      • Level 76-105: 2 Points
      • Level 106-120: 3 Points
    • Transmutated items are now tradable in players shops.
    • Cooldowns in the quest timer window are now outlined for better readability.
    • Game Buttons like "Raise State" or "Raise Skills" now have a higher position to prevent overlapping with the currency window.
    • Special Storages pages now have proper roman numbers on their buttons.


    • Fixed the monster names in the spanish client.
    • Fixed the shop search in the spanish client.
    • Fixed the naming of the Talisman Adder in the german client.
    • Fixed the naming of the Talisman Changer in the german client.
    • Fixed certain korean strings showing in the chat.
    • Fixed the dungeon entry when clicking the enter button multiple times.
    • Fixed a bug causing items in offline shops to temporarily loose certain restrictions when traded.
    • Fixed the devil tower chat which showed outside of the dungeon.
    • Fixed an internal quest settings error which caused an issue for certain quests.
    • Fixed a bug in all dungeons which may lead to a stage being double initiated.

    Please patch your client!

    Kind regards