Our first PvP-Event | 25. - 26.01.2020

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  • Dear Players,

    we have been online for about 1 1/2 months now and the first few players are getting closer to the End PvP content.

    Therefore we will host the first PvP tournament on January 25th - 26th, 2020.

    Until then there is still a lot of time, so all players will have enough time to prepare for it!

    The first PvP tournament takes place with the following specifications:

    • Level limit: 105 - 120
    • 1 Character per IP address allowed
    • All character boost items are allowed
    • Buffs (e.g. Blessing Spell, Dragon Aid, ... ), which cannot be self-given, are not permitted
    • It's not separated into races, so every race fights against every other race

    On the 25.01. a group phase takes place, which will proceed as follows:

    • All participants fight in a Best of 3 against each other participant of their own group
    • For every win you earn one point
    • In case of non-participation even though you have registered, you will be disqualified and will be excluded immediately.
    • The Top X will then enter the next round and is qualified for the final PvP tournament on 26.01.2020
      (The number of players entering the next round depends on how many registrations we receive.)

    On 26.01. the final PvP tournament takes place, which goes as follows:

    • All participants fight in a Best of 5 against their opponents
    • If you win, you go on to the next round
    • If you lose, you're eliminated
    • The top 3 players will receive one of the following rewards

    In total there will be 3 winners who will be rewarded as follows:

    Place Reward
    1. Place
    AOC Gaming C24G1 Monitor (Amazon: Click here)
    Special PvP Armor Shining

    2. Place
    Hyper-X Cloud Flight Gaming Headset (Amazon: Click here)

    3. Place
    Logitech G502 Gaming Maus (Amazon: Click here)

    :!:Registration for participation: Click here :!:

    Exact information about the tournament will be announced about 1 week before the event.

    The starting time of the event will also be announced later on.

    Kind regards


  • Dear Players,

    Unfortunately I have some less good news for you today. The PvP tournament announced for today and tomorrow will unfortunately not take place.

    This is due to the fact that we unfortunately do not have enough registered, active, participants.
    However, the preparation for the PvP tournament was definitely not a wasted effort!
    We are currently considering an alternative and will let it take place very soon.

    As a compensation for the effort of preparing for the PvP tournament, we have also credited all participants with coins with a value of 50€.

    Kind regards